Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Yea sister" and "PIF"

Cassidi came down last weekend, the boys were beside themselves excited. All we heard all day Sat was "when will sister be here" then when she got here "Yea sister" . They had to know where she was every second. (Which meant pounding on the door while she used the bathroom to make sure she was in there.)
On Sunday Cass and Dewey went for a horse back ride. From our house you can ride on dirt roads up to some small mountains. These are pics they took on their ride. They were gone for hours and had a great time doing some father daughter bonding.
It was such a fun weekend having Cassidi visit. (hopefully the boys didn't traumatize her to much :)

Ok now for the "PIF"
PIF stands for Pay it forward.
I was tagged by Marlene on her blog
So I will randomly choose 3 people from those that leave a comment on this post. If your chosen I will notify you so you can send me your snail mail address. Then I will send you a little something in the mail. (yippee mail surprises who doesn't love that) Then its your turn to PIF on your blog.
If you don't want to participate or are already tagged just leave a note in your comments.
Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Love Rainbows

We have had these amazing afternoon summer storms, almost every day for the past week or so. These pics are from the storm on Saturday.

I love love these storms, they cool everything off and bring much needed rain and are simply beeee-autiful . But....... We now have weeds that are almost as tall as me. And I swear they were not there a few days ago.
And maybe you green thumb gardener type peeps can tell me why in the very spot that I had THREE failed attempts at growing a garden there are now weeds with stems as big around as my finger???? And don't tell me try squash it will grow like a weed. Squash of any kind is my favorite and I could happily eat it every day. So 90% of what I planted in each garden attempt was for my own personal selfish reasons squash. Nothing, nadda, nilch made it.
Back to glass is half full :)
So after pulling weeds Sat and Sun the backs of my legs are s..o..r..e. The kinda sore that means it counts towards my workout. YIPPEE

Friday, July 25, 2008

FFF= Friends

For Kolby, Luke is his best friend. They have such a funny relationship. Luke is very bossy and likes things done a certain way. Kolby has his own ideas about how things should be done. So it is an endless cycle of laughing, crying, screaming and then laughing again.

Yes they are both wearing bowls as hats
I love this pic, the way Kolby is looking at Luke. Luke was making some noise that Kolby thought was hilarious. He would laugh and laugh when ever Luke did it.
This is one of the cave pics so don't mind all those red eyes. The three kids to the right of Luke are our friend Sam's. Even though they are older then him, Luke still has a blast anytime we see them.
This is Luke and Drew. Drew is also older then Luke but is so cute with him
Drew is one of my best friend, Kim's son. So we do a lot with them. As you can tell Drew is helping Luke climb to the top of this slide.

This is one of Lukes favorite people. His new cousin Jordan. Haley her sister is right up there as his favorite peeps too. They live in Salt Lake and he always asks when they will come down to see him.

Luke's best friends according to him are "Nona" (its really Leona) and Riley from preschool. He talks about them all the time. I don't have any pics with him playing with them. Whenever I pick him up he seems to be playing with everyone or Kolby. But in his mind Nona and Riley stand out as his friends.

Check out for more cute FFF pics

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer cold???

Yep me and Kolby have come down with a cold. Since when do we get sick right in the middle of summer? So its been a little quiet around here the last few days. It rained all day Sunday so that was the perfect day for us to all snuggle on the couch watching movies.
It's probably my own fault I got sick, I have not been taken vitamins the past few months. So mental note to self "buy loads of vitamins the next time I go to the store".
Workout update.....
Well my first week went "OK" not a huge success but not a huge failure either. I would put it as a good place to start. Once the boys were in bed I did two nights of weight training and one night of cardio. A few workouts short of what I was shooting for. But it did feel really good to get my muscles moving again. So I better get over this cold soon so I can get back in the swing of things.

Friday, July 18, 2008

FFF= Our Choice

Yesterday the boys and I were in the backyard playing. They filled up a wheelbarrow with dirt and mud (cus they are boys) and dumped it on the back patio. Of course this would be impossible to do without both getting very dirty. I grabbed a hose to clean up the mess. And didn't realize that would include the boys.
We had so much fun. (I love those unplanned simple wonderful times) The boys ran all over the lawn with me chasing them with the hose. They both laughed and screamed and ended up soaking wet. And bonus the lawn got watered :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check out these cute chicks :)

Our newest farm addition.............. More chickens. They are not all ours only 15 or so of them. The rest are our neighbors. They are currently living in deluxe accommodations at their house.
And the coolest thing is that they will lay "Easter" colored eggs. From what the catalog said they lay in all different colors. I have never seen such a thing so I'll keep you posted on the color success.
The boys were so excited to see them. Kolby reached right out to pet one. Luke is excited because he will get to help dad build more chicken coops. (Just like Handy Manny, he says)

Just look at those cute little faces!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Places I found Kolby yesterday.....

STANDING on the desk...........

In no hurry to get off the desk
On the kitchen table
Still there playing with the remotes

If I walk out of the room for a minute or even turn my back , say to load the dishwasher. This child is off and running/climbing.

Having two toddlers has brought me to the fast conclusion that I need to get into much better shape then I am now.
So..... I'm starting an exercise program....gasp I know, I dread the thought. But I don't see any way around getting in better shape for the boys.
Luckily for me we have a Bowflex currently sitting in our bedroom. (no need to figure out how long its been there without me so much as touching it)
I got out the tape measure to record all my "Before" stats. We have one of those BMI weight scales. So I added those numbers to my notebook.
Here's the plan
Three days a week I'll work out on the bowflex
Five days a week I'll do sit ups
Two days a week I'll do cardio.
(we are going to get one of those bike kid carriers so I or Dew can pull the kids and we can go bike riding)
One day a week Yoga class

So what do you think? Do I have a chance of sticking to this plan? I'm making sure everybody knows what I'm doing so hopefully you will ask me about it. Which will force me to do something so I don't say "oh um yea that plan lasted about a day" .
Dewey gave me a crash course in the bowflex last night, woo hoo first workout. And just because I could only do 10 sit ups, its a fine number to start at :)

Monday, July 14, 2008


My amazing hubby planned a surprise party for me in Mesquite.
I had NO idea!!!
He told me we were going to Mesquite for a little get away. (Mesquite is a small town just on the border of Nevada about an hour and a half South of us) He scheduled a massage for me (woo-hoo) and I thought it was just going to be us relaxing by the pool.
So I have my Deep tissue massage, which was WONDERFUL by the way. Dewey met me at the Spa door when I was done. I thought we were going to go grab our swimsuits. We are walking past the pool and he says "lets swing by this side first" I look up and there are my friends and family.
My sister Liz and her husband Gary drove 5 hours from Salt Lake to be there. Kim and Sam both came down. And Todd and Robin drove down. Dewey planned it so they would all arrive while I has having my massage.
Again that many people knew and I had no idea anything was going on.
We had dinner at the Wolf Creek golf course. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! (thanks Liz and Gary)
It was such a fun night, bowling, dancing, laughing good drinks and Pizza at 2am!!
And it ended with Liz winning $500 on the Wheel of fortune machine.
Big thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for watching the boys.
Thank you everyone for making this Birthday such a fun one, I had a BLAST!!
And Dewey your amazing, I can't believe you planned that whole thing without me knowing. It was wonderful!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

FFF= Red White and Blue

So here is our "Red, White and Blue" story..
I bought the boys cute Red and Blue shirts with little flags on them. Since we had a full day in Salt Lake planned I saved them for the very last minute. Our boys go through at least two outfits a day. (yea don't ask it varies in reasons) So we get to the BBQ and I grab the boys to put on their "special" 4th of July shirts. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was a matter of minutes before they were soaking wet and needed to be changed again. Before I even had time to grab a camera Luke found a hose and squirted Kolby, who started screaming because he was now dripping wet. While I changed Kolby into yet another outfit (lucky I packed 5 each for a 24 hour trip) Luke found a kiddy pool and dove in.
So....... no pics of the boys in Red, White or Blue this year.
Earlier in the week I posted our 4th of July pics. But I thought I would add these. This is the boys midway though the day.
Think they had fun?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its Birthday Anniversary time!!

Dewey and I met the summer after I graduated high school. It was Love at first sight, we dated and soon moved to Salt Lake into our first little studio apartment. Two years later one month before I turned 20 we were married. We look back now and laugh, it was supposed to be a garden wedding in my Aunt and Uncles beautiful backyard. We had it decorated with Pink and black (shut up it looked good in the early 90's). The rain hit about med morning and never let up. We ended up having the ceremony in their game room. Yep everyone walked around the pool table.
But we were beyond happy with the day, and thrilled to be married.

So pop quiz how many years have we been married? ...................

Answer............. 3 years, this is our third Anniversary

Our love story has taken a long time to unfold. It has taken MANY twists and turns and had MANY ups and downs.

Two years after our "Garden" wedding we were divorced. I would have loved for us both to have been emotionally mature enough to handle all that we had too in those first two years. But the truth is we weren't.

But here's the crazy part we never stopped loving each other. We staying very close after the divorce. We saw each other through good times and bad. We talked about our various relationships and offered advice here and there. Dewey is the one person in my life who I knew would always be there.

Skip forward a few (many) years

We were both going through some big changes in our lives and we turned to each other for support and comfort. It didn't take long for us to come to decide that NOW was the time for us. We had both been through a lot and it helped shape the people we are. We were now ready to live our lives together as a married couple...again.

We had just bought our house and were planning Luke's adoption. We knew we wanted to get married but we knew we didn't want to have a big wedding. We went back and forth as to what we should do.

Three years ago today, Dewey surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday. Woo hoo shopping and Margaritaville. We were just going for the day so I put on a skirt and pulled my hair back in a ponytail, nothing special. We had a wonderful morning then hit Margaritaville for lunch and of course Margaritas. After some time there (read many margarita's) it just came to us that we were in Las Vegas. Home of the quick/nothing to it weddings. So we wandered across the street to a mall grabbed two gold bands and hailed a taxi cab. Our cab driver (his name was Constantine, how cool is that?) took us to the courthouse, where we waited in line to get our marriage licence. He then took us to Cupids Wedding Chapel (Located right on the strip baby) and acted as our witness and photographer.

And......Ms. Stacey Warner was married to Mr. Dewey Warner. We were husband and wife....again. I love looking at the pictures we have, you can see how happy both of us are. We are literally glowing.

I believe that things happen for a reason, everything is done in perfect timing. Our boys were born when they needed to be when we needed them in our lives.
I don't have words to describe how happy I am with my life now. We are blessed beyond measure. I wake up thankful everyday to have Dewey and our boys in my life.
I have known Dewey for 19 years and I still smile just looking at him.

So enough of the mushy stuff. Here are the never before seen (unless you have been in our house) wedding pics.............

I could not ask for a more perfect wedding day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Grandma Pics!!

These are some of the pictures from Grandma's visit. Its so funny I have lived in this town for three years. We went exploring and went to a Museum (I have driven past it countless times) I had never been too. And we found a park in a small neighboring town that I didn't even know was there.

These are pictures from the park.

These are from the Museum, Luke was THRILLED to be able to sit in a stage coach. The only problem was that they only had one to SIT in and about 10 to LOOK at. Three year olds have a hard time understanding that concept :) So we pretty much had to drag him out of the place.

Not to far from us are these amazing Petroglyghs. The boys not to impressed with these but Grandma loved it.

I'm so thankful that she was able to spend so much time with us. I have such wonderful memories of my grandparents growing up. I really want our boys to have the same.
We received a package from Luke and Kolby's Nana in Texas. It was full of books and bath toys. The boys LOVE them. Thank you Mrs. Arnold (Nana's friend) for the "big truck" books. Luke LOVES to sit and look through them. We read stories every night. I'm hoping the boys take after us in our love of reading.

4th of July weekend!!

We had an amazing weekend!! We drove to Salt Lake City to take Grandma back to my Aunt and Uncles. We got to stay at Liz's (my sister) and Gary's beautiful new house. On the Fourth we drove to Snowbird to meet Steve (my brother) and Mikki (his girlfriend). They were staying at a condo at the resort. I LOVE LOVE the Wasatch mountains, They are truly breathtaking. I don't miss living in the city but I do miss those mountains. It made it a perfect day being able to go up and enjoy them. We got to meet Mikki's darling daughters too. We all took the tram to the top of the mountain. It was wonderful to get out of the heat and see snow. The views were spectacular.

This is Steve, Mikki and her girls.... pretty cute!

Since we can never get the boys to look and or smile at the camera we tried this shot instead, kinda cool. And we are not hanging our feet over a straight drop its a lot more gradual then it looks.
Steve and Mikki fixed us lunch. The boys loved it!!
My Aunt Becca and Uncle Dell had a huge BBQ at their house for everyone. It was so nice to see family and friends. Plus you can't go wrong with delicious food.
Check out the boys serious faces watching the fireworks, they were mesmerized.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

G.G is in town!!!

My Grandma, Luke and Kolby's Great grandma has been with us all week. She is here visiting from Texas. The boys have been thrilled to have her here.

We have all had so much fun showing G.G around our town. We went to a museum, we went for a drive just exploring. I have tons of pics I'll post later. But its still near impossible to get both boys in a picture, looking at the camera with out one or more crying. This is as close as we got.
We are headed up to Salt Lake to have a big family BBQ for the fourth of July tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!