Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to school

Another summer has come and gone..... School has started.
Luke is now a second grader.

Luke LOVES school, he was so excited to go back. This kid is the definition of calm cool and collected. Totally unconcerned about a new teacher and kids in his class. In his mind its school so it must be awesome. (oh please please keep that attitude)
A week or so in and he is signed up to be in the 2nd grade orchestra. I have to be honest and say I had no idea this was even a possibility. My brain can't wrap itself around the thought of second graders and string instruments. (to be fair that's coming from someone with less then zero musical ability). But I can appreciate that this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about music and open up other parts of the brain. (there are parts of the brain right?)
Luke decided on the Violin, can't wait to see where this leads.

For some reason Luke started a week or so before Kolby. Kolby was great to see him off but then had a hard time dealing with the fact that Luke was in school. They had such a fun summer spending everyday together in pre school he missed Luke instantly. But all is well now as he started school yesterday.

Kolbys first day post coming soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soccer full swing

Or should I say full kick? Either way soccer season has begin. This year Dewey is coaching Kolbys team. Both Luke and Kolby begged him to be their coach. In the end the soccer powers that be asked him to coach Kolbys team. Luke was none to happy about this fact (while Kolby danced around thrilled )until Dew told him he could be his "Assistant coach" for Kolbys team. (when Dew picked up his coach's bag and packet Luke was seriously offended his name wasn't listed as assistant coach.....seriously offended)
To give you an idea of our schedule. Last week we had two games on Sat, game on Tues, practice on Wed, game on Thurs, game on Sat. You might recall my recent post about not having enough time....more has not magically appeared. Some of the parents asked if the boys played spring soccer. (picture horrified look on my face and are you freaking kidding me in my mind) "Um no we feel two months of fall soccer is plenty"

It turned out even better for Luke since Dew was only given three boys for his team. They play three on three but if you know anything about five year olds you know there are 101 reasons why they need a break. So every game Luke dress's for Kolbys games and acts as a sub.

There is not much cuter then watching Kolbys games, this kid smiles and runs the whole game

He is just happy to be playing, especially since dad is right there with him the whole time.

Luke has a great team with a few of the same boys that were on his team last year.

He makes sure he in always in the thick of things (can you tell I don't know much about soccer or I would be using correct soccer terms) I think he must have watched a soccer game on TV and learned this slide/kick thing he does...... a lot and any time he is near the ball. He has his own way of doing things but has fun while he does them, that's all I care about.

Let the good time roll (get it soccer ball.....roll)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Last weekend was Grandma Warner's 89th birthday. She is the amazing woman who just happens to be my hubby's grandma and my boys great grandma. When I found out we would be driving to Utah County for her birthday I remembered a pin I had seen on Pinterest and knew exactly what I wanted to do....
A generations photo.
I started with Luke and Kolby

Added Dewey (dad)

Randy, (Dad,Grandpa)

Mryl, (Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma)

I love how it turned out and can't wait to have it made up in a much larger size. We left the framed photo with Grandma Warner for her to keep.
If there was an award given for sweetest cutest grandma ever, Grandma Warner would win for sure.She never forgets a birthday and always has a kind word for everyone. I'm so glad we were able to go up and share the day with her.

Its always fun spending time with family, especially ones we don't see all that often. Dewey's cousins all have kids around the boys age so they had a blast playing at the farm with cousins. This farm has been in the family over 100 years, isn't that amazing? It is a beautiful place, with stunning views from every direction. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why blog??

Yesterday Kolby wanted to look at baby pictures. So we hopped onto the computer and pulled up our blog. We spent a half hour going over old posts. Kolby Love-loved looking at all the pictures. And once again I thought about how much this blog means to me.
PK (PK=prior to kids, dew and I use it a lot as in "what are those dusty things in the corner of the garage, oh yea our golf clubs that was a PK thing") I assumed I would make beautiful, intricate scrapbook type photo albums, chronicling each and every milestone. Bahaha-ha once actual parenthood set in and I realized I barley have time to keep my own self washed and semi-groomed and that the term "spare time" is a word that only exists in the world of make believe, (wasn't Snow White always lounging around?) I knew I had to come up with a plan B.....luckily for me our blog was already in place. So this serves as our family scrapbook/album. At some point I plan to have it printed out into albums by year.(brilliant right?) Until that happens my genius (I'm super nice when hes doing me a favor) brother backs up our blog on his secure server.(Ok not sure if that's the right term, I mostly don't understand half the stuff he tells me, but in my mind its safe and sound in a vault somewhere and that's whats important) Another reason I blog is that my memory is TERRIBLE. Its a well know fact in my family, if anybody needs past information they come to me last, either I don't remember it at all or if I do its pretty scattered at best. Each and every day with Dewey and the boys are priceless to me. The thought of not being able to remember them is terrifying to me. So I keep track of the ordinary and extraordinary (really its all extraordinary to me)
Like Kolby chasing a balloon outside

I just snapped shots of his expressions,
It took less then a minute for the balloon to pop

But in classic Kolby style he was over it and running back a few seconds later. I just love each of these pictures.

I'll note that our current favorite family time is spent playing UNO

Yep the game that was invented the same year I was born (meaning its been around a long long time) is a huge hit in our family.

We play at least 4 rounds almost every day. Luke and Kolby are really good and win more then they lose.

Pay no attention to the shoes, animals and laundry basket in the background. Unless you want a pretty accurate picture of what our family room looks like all time :)
And last but not least, at some point the boys will be able read every thing I have written. They will know they are the loves of my life, my greatest joy. And because I know that you never know what the future holds, if the need arises they will be able to read this and know my personality, a little about who I am. My dad died when I was 6, I would LOVE to have had something like this from him. Hearing only 3rd party stories about a person is like putting together a puzzle with half the pieces missing. You get an idea what its supposed to look like but you can't see the whole picture.
So there you go, I thought I would explain a little about our blog and its purpose, and hope that you enjoy reading it.