Monday, November 9, 2009

Farm life

We have not had any farm pics in a awhile, so I thought since we spent last weekend doing nothing but house and horse stuff I would share some.We have really not ridden the horses as much as we should be. I just don't know where the time goes. We all had fun taking turns riding on Sat.
Look at Kolby listening to Dewey and sitting up so straight.
The rules are you have to listen to dad to be able to ride. Luke who normally has trouble with the whole listening thing didn't miss a word Dewey said while riding.

Luke worked on sitting up straight and holding his head up and also on making the horses stop when he wants them to. (something I still need a little work on ;)

Kolby worked on holding on :)

We had a hard time getting both boys off when their turn was up. I'm pretty sure they got a lot more riding time then Dewey did.

Every day when we get home the boys help me feed and water the horses and chickens. Their favorite part is gathering and carrying the eggs.

Kolby being himself in front of our last tree with colored leaves.

The hay pile is pretty much a jungle gym for the boys, they spend most of their time "helping" by climbing up and down and all around it.

Its these simple pics that remind me how blessed we are to have the home and life that we have. I am forever thankful for my wonderful husband and amazing kids!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The boys had a Halloween party at their Daycare on Friday. They dressed as "Harley biker dudes" They were quite the "bad" looking guys with their "tats" and vests.

Notice the large bandage on Kolby's eye. We thought we were doing the right thing in covering up and protecting his surgery scar after his fall.

Luke had his hair in a blue Mohawk, Kolby wanted nothing to do with the blue paint so his is pretty much his normal everyday spikes.After the party I noticed Kolby's eye looked a little red and puffy So Friday night we took the band aid off. When he woke up Saturday morning his eye was swollen shut and it looked like small blisters where the band aid was. Poor kid here we thought we were helping and apparently he had an allergic reaction to the band aid. By Halloween afternoon he could at least open his eye enough to see out of but it was still very swollen.
Sorry about these next pictures my camera was acting up.
Both boys would not budge on what they wanted to be, for Luke it was Optimus Prime from Transformers and for Kolby it was Lightning Mcqueen.

We did our annual Halloween sugar cookie bake and took some around to friends and neighbors. Because we live in the country we have very few neighbors. Luke and Kolby are the only kids that trick or treat. After we went to the six houses near ours their bags were full. Everyone had goody bags ready for them and their cameras out to take pictures. The boys were so cute about it all. Fun Halloween for all.