Friday, February 25, 2011

Siding with Kolby

Birds are a little scary......
(see previous post)
On our little farm the rule (implemented by me) is that any and all animals that come to live here get to happily live out the rest of their natural lives here. Being a city, rose colored glasses girl I was not aware that a roosters "natural" life is not all that long in the country. So.... we are on our 6Th rooster since having chickens. Which by the way if anyone is wondering if its an economical choice over just buying eggs at the store its not. Unless you spend $30-$40 on eggs a month. But it is a good choice if you are a vegetarian who gets creeped out by store bought eggs :)
Anyway this rooster named Sparky (boys choice) is HUGE and a little bit aggressive.
I am currently sporting bruises and scratches from him jumping (not sure if that's the correct term, whatever it is they do) at me. This might also prove that chickens are not that smart, "hello I'm trying to feed you, be a little nice" So every night when I go out to feed I wear these knee high boots (they help with the ankle high mud too)
And hold a garbage can lid as a shield to protect myself. Last night it occurred to
A. How funny I must look
B. How I can now relate to Kolby being afraid of birds.

I thought I should share some very non scary pictures too. This is Twister who follows me with his head almost on my shoulder as soon as he sees me and knows I'm going to feed him.

And Whooly who is boss of the herd so its his job to be a little standoffish. Dewey might use different phrases not quite as polite :) but I like to see it my way.

Have a great weekend all!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunshine and Ducks

We tend to start going a little stir crazy after weeks of cold weather. (I know who doesn't) On Sunday we drove off in search of sunshine. Normally 45 minutes to the south of us we can find some warmth in St. George. No such luck this time it was raining. So further south and west maybe Arizona? We can always find someplace to hike around there.... nope it was SNOWING.
Neither Dewey or I can ever remember seeing snow through the Gorge. I took this picture on our way back through as proof.

Mesquite Nevada it is, sun and temps in the 50's I'll take it. There is a little pond we like to stop at to feed the various birds that live there.

I had a little fun playing with my camera :)

The golfers in the background were not lost on us. Sigh....... its been at least a year since we have gone. Its always on "the list" but the way time flies by it hasn't made it to the top.

These birds crack me up, they were not shy in the least about demanding food.

Luke had a blast feeding them, notice anyone missing from the photos?

Even with Dew getting down on the goose's (that's what that bird is right?) level to show they are nice, could not change a certain someones mind.

See the child wrapped around my legs?

Apparently Kolby is not a fan of the birds. Luke stood close to show him there was nothing of ...didn't help. I guess if there was an animal half my size standing mere feet away from me I might be a little worried too.

A fun Sunday winter adventure. Now I can face the week with all the cold wet weather it promises.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Update

On Kolby's actual birthday we baked a lemon cake (his choice) to have after dinner before opening presents. I love this look on his face waiting for Dew to carry the cake over.

He is loving Iron Man right now.
He loved his books from G.G

On Sat we had his "Iron Man" birthday party with all his friends. I put together "Tony Starks" invention table. All the kids got to create their own invention.
We also had pin the power source on Iron Man. And "save" Iron Man by popping balloons to find the hidden Iron Man. But as it turned out the kids favorite was feeding treats to the horses. Luckily Dewey had the idea to buy a bag of apples so the kids could do this. It was so fun to watch the kids faces as they gave woolly and twister treats.

And wonder of wonder it was a nice day. (this almost NEVER happens in Feb) So the kids were able to play outside. Who knew our little swing set would be such a hit.
We had cake and pizza for lunch then everyone piles outside for Kolby to open presents.

Grandma and Grandpa came over and helped the whole time which pretty much saved the day. Between Dewey and I there was just not enough hands to handle everything alone.

I think the party was a success and the important part, Kolby LOVED it.
Happy Birthday

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Kolby!!

Our "baby" boy turned four today. did that happen?
This little boy amazes me everyday.
He and Luke are the very best friends. They understand each other on a level that only brothers can. One of them will make a noise, they will look at each other and bust out laughing for five minutes straight.
This is a pic from the Superbowl. Yes they are in their Cowboys jerseys :)

Kolby loves to snuggle and gives the very best hugs, the kind that just melt your heart.
This is him and Dew watching the Superbowl.
I love his serious faces when he is concentrating on something.

He has 100 different smiles each one cuter then the next.

I am thankful every minute of every day that this little boy is our son.

Happy Birthday Kolby we LOVE YOU!!
We have a tradition at our house of the birthday person getting to pick whatever they want for dinner. (the rest of the time since I'm the one cooking its my choice :) Yesterday on the way to the store I asked Kolby what his very favorite thing for dinner is. After thinking about it for a minute he said "french fry's and smoothies". That's your favorite thing that I make? "yep, french fry's and smoothies". I know that I am not the very best cook, if I had more time I envision myself cooking deli sous gourmet meals. But I swear I didn't know that french fry's (the frozen kind you throw on a pan and put in the oven) and fruit smoothies were the best thing I make :) I did talk him into mac and cheese too so that's whats for dinner tonight.
Kolby has been asking for an Iron Man Birthday for months. So this Sat we are having a party with some of his friends from preschool. I'll update with pics afterwards.
The song playing "Real Gone" by Sheryl Crow is Kolbys all time favorite song. Its from his very favorite movie "Cars". I have the soundtrack on my ipod and he begs me to play it every time we get in the car.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Last Fri Dewey and I had to go to Salt Lake for work. Miki was kind enough to offer to take the day off of work so she and Steve could watch the boys for us. And to top it off she got 4 Jazz tickets so Steve, Dewey and the boys could go to the Jazz game that night.
When we told the boys they were going to a game they said "yea we get to see the Jazz Bear".

They have seen him in commercials, apparently he made more of an impression on them then the players did.
So the boys got to see their very first Jazz game with Uncle Steve and Dad. The Jazz played the Minnesota Timber wolves. The Jazz won!

They had great seats. And gave them these blowup sticks to make noise with. Um not the best idea for a 3 and 6 year old.
Dewey said they boys had much more fun using them as swords....,smacking everyone in the surrounding seats.

The boys second favorite part of the night was the food, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream. Hum can you tell it was a guys night out?

I made Dew and Steve promise to take lots of pics of my boys first game. This one makes me laugh, you can tell Luke is a little done with the photo taking.

While the boys had their night the girls were not just going to sit at home. Miki took me to a Vegan bakery. YUMMY!!!! We don't have such things in Cedar. Then Miki, Keana, Hailey and I went out to eat and to a movie. A very fun night!!
Steve and Miki huge thanks we had a blast!!