Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big News!!

Kolby can ride a bike without training wheels!!!

And not only just ride but he can ride on our driveway which is really just rocks on dirt
This is huge news!! We LOVE going on bike rides as a family but have not gone on one all summer. I have stubbornly refused to take the bike rack off the back of the car in hopes that one day soon we would be using it again. Woop-eeee, Way to go Kolby!!

However he may have learned just a pinch late for us to be able to do rides from our home. This is what we woke up to yesterday.....

GAHHHH, I swear we watched the news before going to bed and they said it would be nice mild weather through Halloween. I even made the comment of how nice it will be for the kids not to have to be bundled up head to toe, sort of defeating the whole costume purpose.

Last night it dropped to 18 degrees. Why am I never ready for winter to hit again? Oh well just means we drive south until we hit sun and go for our bike rides there :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corn Maze Fun

A few weeks ago the boys saw something on TV about corn mazes, they have been begging to go to one ever since. You would think since we live in the country one would be easy to find. Apparently we are a little to country, the closest one was in St. George 45 minutes away. On the bright side the temps are still in the 80's down there so it was a warm beautiful day last Sat.

The place we found was a real working farm which goes all out with a corn fall fun theme.

Dewey showing the boys how to rope a steer. (I think that's what the hay with horns is supposed to be, I also think steers are what you rope??)

Luke was pretty good at it, better then me for sure.

How did I end up the pig in this picture?

No farm is complete without super cute baby animals.

And a Llama or two

Going with the whole corn theme was a slide....into corn

We got a tractor ride to the corn maze. We let the boys pick the direction each time we came to a turn.

They loved it!! We never really got lost, just headed one general direction then turned around and headed the other way until we found the exit. But a big hit none the less.

How tall this Fall??

A playground is not complete without a big tire to play in. You can see Kolby but do you see the other face peaking out? Yep Dewey fit in too.

This next attraction needs no explanation....

They had this thing called a bounce pillow. Neither Dewey or I had ever seen one before. We all had a blast jumping and bouncing around on it.

We ended up staying a few hours and loving every minute. We are definitely adding this to our fall traditions. Fun fun day!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

End of soccer season one

Our first season of soccer is over. And I have to say it was a all around big hit, both boys had a blast playing. Luke asked me yesterday if we can go this weekend to sign them up again. He was none to pleased to find out that's not how it works. He was still mad this morning knowing they have to wait until next summer to play again. When I asked Luke what is favorite part of soccer was he said "kicking the ball". Which is probably why is was awarded

"Best Dribbler"

Luke's end of season party was last Tues at the soccer park. We were lucky to have had a great coach and kids for him to play with. During the last game Luke was knocked over by a much bigger boy on the other team. He went flying up in the air landed on the ground and hit his head. Along with Dewey and I running on to the field all the other parents from our team stood up to make sure he was ok. Such a great group of people. Luke was a little upset and shaken up but after resting he got back out and played. (he is one tough kid) And yes Dewey and I talked and decided we can't run out to the field when our baby boy is hurt now that he is 6. But not sure I will be able to stick to that the next time it happens, sheesh how do you not?

Go Blue Thunder!

Because Kolby played in the 4 year old group is was structured a little differently. Pretty much a team of 40 something kids broken up into smaller teams. Much less interaction with coach and other parents then with Lukes. But Kolby LOVED it!!! And for his first year he played really well. When I asked what his favorite part was he said "scoring two goals". His end of season party was Thurs at Funtime inflatables and there were oh I don't know 100 kids running around eating pizza and playing. In other words kid heaven. Look at this smile when he was handed his trophy.

A pretty happy boy!
Go Orange Lions!!

I definitely see a lot of soccer in our future.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First cold of the season...check

So maybe it was the freezing temps we have been having and the end of season soccer games or maybe it was the endless germs we all run into everyday. But we can safely say our first cold of the season is checked off the list. I have been coughing for over a week and lost my voice last Thurs. I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday to be told I have a "serious chest infection". I'm hoping the pills start working so I get my voice back and can sleep at night..

Sick or not we went to Dewey's cousins wedding over the weekend. I'm bummed I didn't take any pictures. You know I have to be far below my peak to not have my camera out. The wedding was beautiful and took place in a little town call Antimony about an hour and a half from us. We had never been there before and really enjoyed seeing a new area of Utah. We ate at a little cafe on the way back that swore they were from Butch Cassidys hide out. Needless to say the boys LOVED it.

Alas no pictures but fun time spent with family and good memories.

I thought I would share our recent pics from the boys annual doctor visit. (get it me sick boys doc pics, it all ties it :) What do you do to pass the time once your in the little waiting room??

Use the stool as a race car?

Or play hide and seek??

Whatever it takes to keep a 4 and 6 year entertained in a tiny room. Both boys are healthy, Kolby got a start on his pre kindergarten immunizations. He is such a little trooper, 3 shots and not a tear shed. Kolby came in at the 30% for his age and height. Luke has dropped off the chart again. But the important thing is that he is happy and healthy. And the lucky kid gets to eat all the calories he wants. Sigh..... it has been at least 100 years since I could do that :)

Both Kolby and Dew have a little cough but seem to be fine otherwise. Hopefully this cold is a me only this time around.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Who's ready for winter?

Not us...oh wait maybe we are.

We have gone up to the mountains gathering fire wood all summer. A few years ago some kind of beetle infested the forests to the East of us. I'm sure there is a scientific or newsie version I could tell but instead I'll just say there are dead trees EVERYWHERE. So to help clear them out for the price of a $10 permit they are yours or ours for the taking.

Our trip last weekend was our fastest so far, we are getting the hang of this.

We start with Dewey using the chainsaw. For this part the boys and I make sure we are nowhere near the area. (other than this picture which I snuck up for)

The boys take their very important job of hitting dead trees with hammers seriously. (what you didn't know that had to be done? Believe you me hours of entertainment)

I don't claim to understand why this is so fun, maybe its one of those things not in a female brain. But who am I to stop such a good time.

Once Dew has the trees cut into "fit into the bed of the truck size" pieces me and the boys come back to help. The boys supervise as we carry and lift. With this system I have to say we are well stocked for the winter. Plus got enough to share with Dad and Winnie.

And why is this important and what does it have to do with being ready for winter you ask.

A few nights ago we had our first freezing temps and snow fall. (gasp I know its the first week of Oct) We also had a power outage that same night. So...... out comes the firewood and we had a cozy warm fire to sit by.

Of course we had to make an adventure out of it so we put up our small tent so we could have an indoor camp out. (with no power there obviously were no lights so picture this room dark, kinda cool how you can't tell with the wonder of the flash camera)

We all have headlamp flashlights for our cave exploring. They come in super handy in times like these. Luke still got to get in his reading time before bed.

So bring it winter we are ready!!! However if you want to hold off for a few weeks I won't complain at all.