Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Busy Season

Sorry about our lack of posts. We have had computer and Internet issues
the last few weeks. Living in the country does have its downfalls when your trying to use a satellite service for Internet .

We have had a wonderfully crazy busy month. Thanksgiving was all that I could hope for a perfect day. We hosted it at our house this year, all of our "up north" family made the trip down. Even grandma from Texas came and stayed a few days. Thanksgiving was a wonderful day of family, food, and love. Steve, Miki and the girls stayed the weekend, the boys were in heaven having so many people around.
The boys were so excited "G.G" (great grandma) was here to help us decorate our tree.

I'm doing what I swore I would not do again........ trying to get pics of the boys to send out in our Christmas cards. I don't know if some kids sit nicely and smile for pics but our boys are not those kind of kids :) We are 53 pics in and I'm still looking for a pic that might work. (notice I did not even say perfect pic) To be fair its half my cameras fault a fourth of the pics turn out blurry. I thought I would share some of the "not" pics with you.

I really like the cat tail in this one :)

Eyes open are a big issue :)

I'm hoping to get our cards out in the next day or two. If you want to be added to the list just drop me an email swwillwork4u @
Hope everyone is enjoying the season!!!!