Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who likes Polka music?

Apparently Luke and Kolby!
We went to our local Oktoberfest over the weekend. If you have ever been to an Oktoberfest picture a version 10% in size and you have ours. Its small but we love it. And they have Bratwurst so Dewey is happy.
When the Polka band came on stage the boys could not be stopped, they ran out to the floor to dance. (or do their version of dance)
It should be said that Luke is not shy in the least....
Ahhhh his first "dance" with a girl

Notice the age difference of the dances, how fun is that?
This was the chicken dance.....yep that's Dew out there on the left.

Luke's dance moves involve a lot of jumping.
Unfortunately the wind was BLOWING like crazy so no fall leaf pictures. We will have to go back up and get some another time.
I love this time of year!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well we are hooked...

We LOVE Geo caching!!
Miki and Steve introduced us to their hobby in Park City back in July. I had heard the term before but didn't really know that much about it. Something involving coordinates and a GPS, it seemed a little beyond me. (for those that don't know, me and electronics have a mutual agreement to leave each other alone we don't get along well) But low and behold along comes my new phone that has a super easy caching app that even I can figure out and we are hooked.
The boys call it treasure hunting, for them that's just what it is. The caches range in size from tiny to large enough to fit small items and toys to trade.
And the best part even in our small town there are thousands hidden all over the place.
This is a find at a local park.
We love exploring new places and caching fits right into that. We headed West in search of a few caches. The boys fav find was a huge horny toad.

And look where we ended up..... A place we would likely have not ever gone to, as you can see its in the middle of nowhere.
But it ended up being a great adventure.
To give you an idea of where caches can be hidden.......

This is one of the small ones hidden not to far from where we live, pretty sneaky huh?
The boys are so funny, every day on the way home they beg to find a treasure. This is a cache Kolby found that was hidden in plain site. (Its in the bird) Notice Kolby has his binoculars around his neck, they take it very seriously :)
Such a fun new family hobby. Thanks Steve and Miki for the new addiction.