Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coin toss drive

One of our favorite things to do is take a "Coin toss drive". Dewey and I did our first one about 20 years ago and ended up in rural Idaho, we had a blast. Now we try to do them every couple month's. You start by picking two directions and assign one to heads and one to tails. In our drive last Sunday we picked North and East. We ended up going East over a mountain. It was a beautiful cloudy day.

When we got over the mountain out came the coin with the choice to go North or South, South it was. Out only other "rule" is we have to see something we have not seen before. We ended up in Kanab a beautiful little town we have been to quite a few times. But we found a museum that is made up of old western movie sets. A place we had never been to. Luke just happens to be a huge fan of Westerns right now. Both boys were beyond excited to see "real cowboy stuff" .
Their favorite was the house that was in "The Oulaw Joise Wells".
The funny thin about this picture is my legs, see how far apart they are? P90X is doing something for me. I have Luke on one knee, I'm holding Kolby up with my arms and leaning over to my hole. Twister here I come.

The "boys" hamming it up by the Livery.

You can't have a cowboy village without a stagecoach.
This was from the set of a Disney movie.
And of course we had to check out the antique farm equipment.
It was such a fun little place, a perfect find on our coin toss drive.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our favorite Hike!!

Dewey's Birthday was two weekends ago. (I know I'm a little behind in my blog posts.) Cassidi was able to come down for the weekend. It just happened to be the perfect time of year to do one of our favorite hikes in St. George. We only have a two month window every year to go. To early and there is too much water. To late and the water is gone and its way too hot.
It really is a stunning hike with red rocks and pools of water.
Dew, Cass, Luke and Kolby at the first water pool.

This is the top but to get here you have to climb.......

Dewey wore our hiking backpack that in previous years has carried the boys but for this year was used for this spot. (Kolby was able to hike the whole hike on his own other then this area) I went across first then Dewey carried Luke over and went back and brought Kolby over. Kolby is just looking around smiling the whole time.
Cassidi had her own way of climbing across.

There is a small slot canyon that you can keep hiking if you are willing to drop in and swim at times. Cassidi and I went as far as we could without swimming, just beautiful.
The boys had a blast jumping in and splashing in the stream.

Red red rocks and sun, whats better then that?
Luke showing off is dive moves.

Would you ever guess the water is literally two inch's deep?

A beautiful woman with a beautiful backdrop.
And one picture of me climbing back down. I'm sure its bad lighting or something my legs can not possibly be that white :)

Cass coming down with a better view of the waterfall.
And one last picture by the bottom pool.

We all had so much fun, a wonderful day.