Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

I know I am W.....A.....Y behind on blogging. It has been a bad combo of slow Internet at the house, computer issues and finding the time to come into town to upload pics.
I hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of summer. We have been crazy busy it seems like the last month has just flown by. I will try to get caught up on our whirlwind life ;)
We spent Mothers Day weekend at Bryce Canyon with a wonderful group of friends. We had a blast!!! Its a National Park for a reason, simply stunning.
We stayed in a little tiny (cute) cabin while most of the group camped in motor homes. This is Dewey and the boys walking back and forth between the two.
One morning Troy and Dewey gathered all the boys including Luke and Kolby for a game of football. They all had so much fun, the rest of the trip the kept asking to play again.
We went for a back country four wheeler trip for hours. Dewey and I and the boys were in a four seater Rhino. This is the boys literally 10 minutes into the ride.
They slept for at least half the trip. We are driving on dirt roads, lots of dirt flying and things to see and they are fast asleep. I had no idea there were as many roads around the park to explore. Topped off with a picnic lunch in the forest.......It was a wonderful day.
Of course we had to drive into the park and hike. Words can't describe the natural beauty of Bryce Canyon. Luke is getting pretty good at hiking. He walk on his own most of the way down.
Kolby of course got a "free" ride.

I love this pic, That's Wendy in the front Troy holding Lukes hand and Dewey with Kolby.

Troy ended up carrying Luke all the way back up the canyon on his shoulders. (lifesaver for me)

For those that haven't been to Bryce Canyon this is towards the top looking across. The hike we took takes you right down into the red rocks. AMAZING!!!

Have a wonderful week and I promise to update sooner. And catch up on every ones blogs