Monday, September 17, 2012


It was a SPECTACULAR football weekend....
for me not so much for my darling hubby, teehee. All three of my teams won, SUU, UU, and 49ers woot woot. One of the above mentioned teams wins resulted in one of Dews teams loss's.......that's a shame :)
On Saturday we went to the first game of the season for our hometown team SUU T-Birds.
We met up with some friends early and had a little tailgate BBQ outside the stadium, good times.
I took loads of pics, playing with my camera, I think I caught a few good ones of the game.

From past experience we don't even try to sit in the bleachers, opting instead for a blanket on the grass. This allows the boys to run and play until they just can't run anymore. (ok that last part has never happened)
A bunch of boys started their own game, and Luke jumped right in.

They seriously did this for HOURS. This is Luke "tackling"

Kolby and I took a walk to find popcorn and stumbled across a military display. The men kindly let him sit inside the hummer.

Again more playing with my camera, I really like both of these shots.

Fun game, the T-Birds beat the New Mexico Cowboys!!

Do you ever have a weekend where you spend every single stinking minute running from thing to thing? That was last weekend for us. We have met some wonderful family's through the boys playing soccer. We had a small get together on Fri night with some of them, good time had by all.

Thanks to Winnie giving us tomato's from her garden we were able to can salsa, which turned out YUMMY if I do say so myself. Somehow from our mostly dead garden we ended up with TONS of peppers. So we (by we I mean Dew my throat closes up when I smell the peppers, breathing is good people) made and canned jalapeno jelly. So our garden was not a total loss after all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kolbys first day of Kindergarten

Its official Kolby is a Kindergartner. And do you notice anything else new???

That's right, he is now the cutest kid I know in glasses. During his kindergarten registration we found out he needed to have his eyes checked, as it turns out he takes after me by being near sighted with astigmatism. I'm pretty happy we found out before he started school.

We had a couple of options for schools for Kolby. In the end we decided it would be best for him and us for him to go to a school in town. So he and Luke go to two different schools. The school he goes to is the same one 5 of his friends from preschool go to. So he goes to preschool in the morning and kindergarten in the afternoon.

The first day Dewey and I took him. He was so excited, the night before he had his outfit and backpack all ready.

His school was built in 1951 and gave both Dewey and I flashbacks to elementary schools we went to.

He walked right in confident as can be. He signed in and then found his seat and got to work. Dew and I figured at that point (when he pretty much shooed us off) that we were good to leave.

When I ask what his favorite part of school is it varies between playing with friends and his teacher reading to them. He seems pretty happy with the fact that he now has homework just like Luke.
I met him on the first day with balloons and cookies. It just melted my heart when he ran to me and game me a big hug. My baby might be growing up but thankfully he is still my snuggle bug.