Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Luke Graduated Kindergarten!

Wow and wow I know people say it all the time but honestly it seems like just yesterday Luke started kindergarten. Last Friday he graduated....gasp. They had a program last week to celebrate. It was called a barn dance. And can I just say so stinkin cute. Two kindergarten classes singing and dancing their little hearts out.

I tried to take close up pics since I don't feel comfortable publishing other children's pictures. Most of them didn't turn out but here are a few.

Luke being a buffalo
He was pretty serious for most of the program but I did manage to catch one laugh.

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch then we all went for ice cream afterwards to celebrate.

Luke getting off the bus for the last time as a Kindergartner

I had balloons and a little treat waiting for him. We tried to get a picture at the same place we did his first day of school. But He has a thing about the sun in his eyes for a picture. Hes fine running around but as soon as the camera comes up his eyes close. So under the tree in the shade we went.

We are so proud of this little guy. He has worked so hard at speech and school. On the last day of school I took some gifts to his class for his teachers. His teacher was so sweet. She gave me a hug and thanked me for having Luke in her class. She then said " Luke is an amazing child, you don't have to worry about him he is going to be just fine in school and life". It meant a lot to hear that. (of course as his mom I believe that, but its still nice to hear) For a child that weighed 17 pounds at 2 years old and didn't speak, hes come a long way in 4 years.
Bring on First grade!

We love you Luke Congratulations!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What the boys are doing

The other night as I was making dinner the boys were entertaining themselves. Our kitchen is open to our family room, making it my favorite area of the house. (of course there is a million things I would change about the rooms but I still love the area) The first thing I noticed was the lack of noise, this is VERY rare in our house and generally cause for alarm. But when I looked up there were the boys quietly entertaining themselves. I grabbed my camera knowing this surely could not last long and was to sweet to miss.

Look what Kolby can do!!

He still has a year before he starts kindergarten, but we have started to work on letters and writing his name. See all those pink papers every one has "kolby" on it

I just love his serious face

I can't BELIEVE my baby boy can write his very own name. On top of that Luke is graduating from kindergarten this week, I have to be honest its all a little much for this mama.

While Kolby was at the table Luke was on the carpet playing chess. He picked out his own chess partner, I'm pretty sure Luke won this game.

Dewey recently taught Luke how to play chess, the child is addicted, he LOVES IT. He begs Dewey every night when he gets home from work to play with him. Apparently he has found a work around when dad is not available.

I'm in wonder that Luke has caught on so fast and loves the game. My own brain does not grasp chess. I like to think that I have strengths in different areas, chess is just not one of them. Luke has kindly offered to show me how to play. He likes to compare it to the fact that I can't whistle. "Your just not doing it right or trying hard enough" So helpful my son.

So...... I have a certain birthday fast approaching that I'm NOT looking forward to. I would like to say I'm handling it well but I'm freaking out more then a little. This is little conversation I had with Luke in the car the other day did not help.

Me. Luke I can't believe this is your last week of kindergarten, starting in the fall you'll go to school all day long and I won't see you for lunch anymore.

Luke. When I start first grade I'm going to be pretty busy. I'm going to have school and then work (not sure what work/job he thinks he will have at 6 years old) , I'll be really busy. And you know your getting older.

Me. (in my head) wait... what ....how did we get on ME getting older

Luke. When you were a young girl G.G (my grandma) was a young grandma and now she's a very old woman. That's whats going to happen to you.

Gasp...sob...what??? With much credit to myself I did not freak out but continued to safely drive down the road while talking about how yes everyone gets older. I do not know how Luke comes up with the stuff he says, but the kid always keeps me guessing :0

Friday, May 20, 2011

To soon???

For running in sprinklers, yea probably. But a little thing like spring temperatures was not enough to stop the boys and their friends. Last Saturday they had two friends come over for a few hours to play. All was going as planned until Dewey started testing the sprinklers, doing the general spring maintenance getting ready for summer things that have to be done.

Apparently the sight of the water was simply to much for the kids to resist. And after a long winter who can blame them. It wasn't long before everyone was in a pair of swim shorts and having a blast.

I had almost as much fun taking pictures, I LOVE capturing the looks on their faces.
I did actually debate the wisdom of letting them play in the water when it was maybe 70 degrees tops. But seeing how much fun they were having I figured how much harm can it cause. (as its a week later I'm happy to say all kids are alive and accounted for)

I Love this look on Lukes face. Its one that can only be caught spur of the moment.

The boys loved having friends over. They took apples and carrots and fed the horses. Played with the Guinea pigs and watched G-Force during lunch. All in all a fun filled day for all.

As is the norm for Cedar weather it snowed all day Wed. The boys thought it was pretty cool to see snow and just a few days before have been running in sprinklers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New additions......

So here's the story..... Awhile ago the boys preschool got Guinea pigs, Little did I know that would be the start of a certain boys obsession. Its pretty much all Kolby talk about. Countless times I would pick him up from school and he would be holding/playing with the guinea pigs. It didn't take long for him to start asking for one of his very own. Honestly I thought for sure it was a passing phase and that if I didn't bring it up he would forget all about it. Next thing we know he has a name picked out "Squeaky Peaches" and wants to know when squeaky can home. This is an EVERYDAY conversation. After much talk about responsibility of taking care of animals, the work it takes to keep one happy and healthy, the time and money involved..... not much of a surprise we got two Guinea pigs....

But I ask you look at this child's smile.... pure joy, holding.... Squeaky peaches

First thing he does in the morning is run in and tell the piggies good morning, same thing at night and every time we leave the house.
I don't think Luke was/is over the moon happy like Kolby but everything I read said they are happier in twos so meet Tennison. (he started out as Ben 10 a cartoon Luke likes then somehow morphed into Tennison)

I have to admit, they sure are cute little guys.

Because I'm a tad bit crazy about such things I went overboard on the research of all things Guinea Pigs. The right size/type cage, food, toys, care. And I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the cage we put together. This used to be square toy (read mess) holders.

Now a perfectly acceptable Guinea pig house.

With the toys neatly stowed underneath in tubs and drawers. In theory this should be easier to keep clean, we'll see how that works out.

So yes two more animals to out little farm, keep the fun coming :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Water Babies

After our hike last weekend we went to Quail Lake for a picnic. A really pretty lake in the desert. I'm sure in the summer its a zillion degrees with no shade, but this time of year, just perfect.

To say the boys LOVED it was an understatement
Just look at this happy face

They were not happy when it was time to go and made us promise to come back soon

I do have to admit that I'm also partial to water.... of any kind. To me a hike is not a hike if I don't get to see some sort of water along the way. And don't even get me started on the ...sigh...Ocean

I LOVE Luke's zest for life. A Boat went by (in the middle of the lake) which was enough to cause small waves. Luke jumped in and faced the waves with his arms straight back, a huge grin on his face.

It was as if he was saying "bring it world"

He is loving every minute every wave that comes in.

Just pure happiness in the moment.

Its moments like this that melt my heart..........