Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kolby!!!

Our baby boy is 3!!!!
(when I call him my baby boy, he tells me "I'm not a baby I'm Kolby")
It goes without saying that I can't believe he is 3 already.
Kolby is simply amazing. He is a cuddlier/snuggler he gives the very best bear hugs.
He ADORES his big brother they are nearly inseparable. He has such an easy going personality, you can rarely find him without a smile.
Grandma and Grandpa had a Birthday party at for him last night at their house. Kolby has been into anything farm, animal, tractor lately.They got him a huge barn set that he just loves.
Since before Christmas he has been talking about his "CHEE-COW" Birthday. He LOVES/is OBSESSED with the Disney movie Cars. (everyone who has been around him for more then 5 seconds has heard him talk about it) You know in the the movie when Lightning McQueen is posing for pics and says "chee-cow"? That's what Kolby calls the movie and Lightning.
Look at this happy face when he sees the cake Grandma and Grandpa got him.

Yep his very own "Chee-Cow" cake, so cute.

He has also been practicing blowing out candles for days to make sure he got it right.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the wonderful party!!!!
Happy Birthday Kolby,
Thank you for countless smiles you give us everyday.
Love you big guy!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Its about this time of year when I start to think I'm done with winter and waking up to single digit temps. I need to feel some sunshine!!!
Luckily for us that means we drive South until we feel the sun. Usually not more then an hour and a half and we can be 50 degrees warmer.
We had a WONDERFUL Sunday just playing outside finding things to do as we went along.
We had lunch in Mesquite and the boys got to play some arcade games.
We wandered around soaking up the sun. We went to our favorite stop to feed ducks and geese.
Its the perfect time of year to hike around Virgin River Gorge. Its so pretty in its own way. Kolby had a blast pretending he was on the beach. He tried to bury himself in sand.
There are just enough rocks for the boys to be able to climb to their hearts content.

And a river with unlimited supplies of rocks for throwing in / skipping. We all took turns being "the leader" finding new trails along the river. Kolby is a wild man he is hard to keep up with the way he can scramble over the rocks.

At dinner we asked Luke what his favorite part of the day had been. He said "finding sticks and rocks by the river". Its funny you just never know what is going to fascinate a child.
Happy Ground Hogs day!!!