Thursday, March 27, 2014

First karate competition

 We spent last weekend in Ogden, for Luke and Dewey's very first Karate Competition. The picture above sums up Luke's attitude. He wasn't worried, nervous, nothing. He just walked out there all intense and ready. I burst into tears watching him. I was so emotional thinking about this amazing boy who has accomplished so much. (tears were a pattern for me)
 This was his weapons routine. He was amazing!!
Out of the four finalist he took second!!!
 Next came sparring, he started with "first timers".
 He did great went point for point.
 But in the end lost by 2 points. Then it was on to his actual division sparring. Much more intense, again he got right in there but almost immediately took a kick to the ribs. Instantly I started sobbing, I knew he was fine but it didn't help. His Sensei came over to me and told me to knock it off and not to let Luke see me. (rightly so)  Luke got right back in there and finished the fight and never said one word about being sore. So he is warrior, I am a WIMP.
 Dewey started Karate a little over a month ago and has been hooked ever since. His sparring didn't go as planned, we thought it would be in the afternoon, but they called him up as Luke was doing sparring in another ring at 10am. So Dewey had to run over and suit up without stretching or preparing.
 Even so I think he did great!!!! Not great pictures since I was running back and forth. But I'm so proud of him for getting in there and giving it his all.
 Luke also performed a Korean traditional routine.
 He did fantastic but didn't place in his division.
 Happy boys showing off their competitor wrist bands.
 Auntie Liz and Uncle Gary drove up on Saturday to support the family.
 It really was a great weekend. We got to spend time getting to the know the competition team better. Wonderful kids and family members. We all went to eat Saturday afternoon and had a blast.
 Kolby was so supportive. He also takes karate and loves it. But so far has said he has no interest in competing. So he stuck with me as we went from ring to ring cheering everyone on.
Luke ending up with three gold trophies and the orange ribbon he is wearing is his second place. He is 100% hooked, since we have been home all he talks about is the next competition. And we found out yesterday he is ready to test for his orange belt. One happy happy boy.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kolbys Birthday

Kolby turned 7 in February. That's right my baby..... is 7. If you know him you know he is the happiest smiliest kid ever.When we asked him what he wanted to do for his party he said he wanted a minion party at our house and to invite his entire class. Well why not, being a Pinterest addict I knew there were tons of ideas for just such a party. And as it turned out there was a much smaller turn out then we planned on so the seven kids that were there made it just right.
We started by making minion beaded bracelets or necklaces, they got to choose yellow or purple minions.
Then it was time to make robot cookies, cookies, candy and icing not hard to imagine that going over well.
Remember the carnival scene in the first Despicable me? Thanks to some art work by Dewey some yellow cups and Nerf guns we did a pretty good job of recreating it.
Kids, Nerf guns, shooting at something also a big hit.
I love love that all the kids help sing and then blow the candles out.
We happened to run across a minion pinata that we couldn't pass up. Kids blind folded with a big stick INSIDE the house.... always a good idea.
In the end Kolby had a really good time. I'm not sure we will do another birthday party at the house. But it never hurts to try something once. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 Karate....what can I say it has pretty much taken over our lives. About 6 months ago we signed up the boys for karate. My theory when it comes to sports is "try everything and see what sticks". We have tried wrestling and soccer. Both were fun but no real excitement, I thought that's what this new adventure would be.  Wrong!! From the first class both Luke and Kolby LOVE LOVE it.
 We started two days a week. Every class Kolby would smile and have fun. Luke took to it with an intensity we had not seen before. They both earned stripes and it didnt take Luke long to earn his yellow belt.
 Kolby was not far behind him.
 Before we started my sum total knowledge of karate was having watched the "Karate Kid" (wax on wax off) and I had heard of Bruce Lee. I would like to say I'm an expert now but that's far from the truth. I am learning more and more every day though. We were incredibly lucky to find an amazing Dojo and Sensei. The Dojo has a competition team that Luke tried out for and made. This means he has class 5 days a week. Even with that many hours in he still comes home to continue practicing.
 So our former playroom now looks like this.
 His first competition is in a few weeks. He is beyond excited. I don't know quite what to expect having never seen one. I'm hoping for the best, and trying not to be an overprotective mom by saying things like "wait is my baby going to get hit". I know with Luke's size the confidence he gets from this is immeasurable. And as long as he has the passion for it he seems to I'll support him all the way.
So far Kolby says he is not interested in competing and is happy with his two day a week classes. If both boys are happy I'm happy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Disneyworld vacation

 So I hope you don't mind but I'm going to jump around a little getting caught up on posts. And no better place to start then our FABULOUS vacation in January. We flew to Florida and met Nana, Grandpa Dave, Uncle Patrick, Uncle Jordan and Aunt Shay (my family) It started with receiving Disney new wrist bands in the mail. These little bands handled everything, park passes, express pass, hotel room key, charge it...yep, everything. So so easy, no need to carry a wallet or anything else.

 The pictures are also not in a timeline order, we got to take many boat rides (which I LOVED) and most of them looked like this.
 Luke was always up for taking a picture with the characters.
 Its harder then it looks to take a picture with your phone while your riding a ride, but you can still see a few family members on Dumbo.
 We did a lot of exploring, I loved the boardwalk, water and coffee all my favorite things.
 Rock n' Roller coaster, you betcha. Luke and Kolby really wanted to ride it but once their hoods were off they were not quite tall enough.
For the first couple days we were there the Christmas decorations were still up. Its hard to tell but the castle was literally dripping in lights. 
 The boys ADORE their uncles, they were in heaven spending a week solid with them at the happiest place on earth.
 The boys lost their minds over hats, Uncle Patrick bought them these with their names on them.
 It was a little weird for Dewey and I. On the second day we noticed we were holding hands and walking just the two of us, The boys happily walking with an uncle.
 Are you noticing some pictures we are wearing shorts, some we are bundled up in coats? Yep it was that kind of weather, luckily we packed for it.
 Epcot family photo
 Mickey and Minnie photo op
 This picture of Kolby and Patrick cracks me up every time I look at it. They are wearing the Bugs Life 3D glasses.
 I thought this part of Animal Kingdom was beautiful. The Everest ride is in the background. We rode it many many times, to say Luke and Kolby are roller coaster fans is a huge understatement.
 We loved Epcot and all the countries. One night The "Littles" stayed with Nana and Grandpa so the bigger kids could go exploring. We spent the night at EPCOT and had a blast. We laughed and "sampled" each country. Tons of fun :)
 Luke turned 9 while on vacation. He got a button to wear so that everyone we ran into wished him a Happy Birthday. For him this was only natural :) Nana and Grandpa Dave bought him a cake, because you can't miss out on making a wish. He got to go birthday shopping at the LEGO store, a happier kid you have never seen. He declared it the best birthday ever.
 Of course we needed a photo with Kolbys favorite "Cars".
 Remember the hats thing, Grandpa Dave bought Kolby this one and Luke Mickey Wizard hat he is wearing in some of the pictures. Lost their minds over hats.
 More then a few nights were spent like this. They were such little troopers since we pretty much ran all day every day.
 One night was spent enjoying the Christmas street, music and "snow", magical.
 And all to soon the vacation was over, and we were boarding a plane to go home.
This was a vacation of a lifetime. Before having kids I had a image in my head of how I would like things to be. This was it, the boys spending time with family on a wonderful vacation. We will be forever thankful to Nana and Grandpa Dave for everything they did to make it happen.