Monday, January 24, 2011

Random bits

Luke and Kolby both received a leapster from Santa Claus. At first glance they were not at all impressed. I don't think they were even touched at all on Christmas day. However once they were discovered its hard to pry them from the boys hands. This is how I found them one morning.
I love how their shoulders are touching while they play. More often it is more like this picture.
Its funny they always sit next to each other to play their own games. And no they don't live in their pajamas it just seems like mornings are when they play the most. I was a little leery about the games to begin with. I DO NOT like video games. But these seem to be great learning tools. They don't even notice they are doing math or spelling if its Star Wars :)

So something amazing happened last week.....see these boys

They wanted us to measure them. So we got out the measuring tape and had them stand against the wall. Luke went first he is 3 '4. Next was Kolby who measured 3 '4, yep the exact same. Hum.....better weigh them. Luke weighs 33.6 ounces Kolby..........33.6 ounces.
That's right our boys are EXACTLY the same size to the very last inch & ounce.

Over the weekend we went to St.George to cheer on family that was running in the St.George half marathon. It was so neat to see so many Aunts uncles and cousins running. Dewey and I decided that we are making it a goal to run next year. Yes its true that I have never even run around the block. I would say that I am a very active person but NOT a runner. But we have a year to prepare so I assume (hope/fingers crossed I don't drop dead) I will be able to do it. And at this time next year I will be g...a...s...p 40 (I'm getting used to saying it and writing it so I don't have a full freak out on my birthday) so it will be kinda cool to say I ran my first (and most likely last) a half marathon at 40.
So anybody that wants to join us is welcome to. Liz and Gary (my sister and brother inlaw) said they are in. The more the merrier!!
So step one I suppose I need some sort of running shoes...they make such things right? :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sun's out time to explore

This past weekend was two of those rare beautiful sunny days in January. For us that means exploring and adventures. On Saturday we went looking for geocaches. While looking we found this cool big tree. See the red on the top? That would be Dewey, your never to old to climb trees right? The red on the bottom is Kolby trying to climb up after him.
A little snow on the ground was not enough to stop us from fun. To be honest snow and mud only add to the fun for the boys.

On Sunday we went for a bike ride on the city paved trail. Kolby didn't make it far on his bike, luckily Dew thought this might be the case and came prepared with the bike trailer.

Luke did really well for his first ride outside of our property. He did inform us that the energy in his legs was all used up so we would have to turn around.

We are getting closer (and looking forward) to all four of us riding.

There was a skate park right next to where we parked. Of course the boys had to check it out. Since it was Sunday with snow on the ground we had the place to ourselves. All THREE of the boys loved it. Luke got pretty good at riding up and over the smaller ramp.

Kolby LOVED going down the ramp. Yes this is the same child that minutes before could not ride his bike on a straight flat trail.

Its hard to see but there is a huge smile on his face

So proud of himself training wheels and all :)

More exploring led us to a small frozen pond.

With a bridge to hang off of, thrown snow from and lay on to look under.

There are some pictures that just melt my heart this is one of them.

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

I know I say this every year....... but I can't believe my baby boy is another year older.....6.
His birthday was Thurs, he was so excited to take treats to kindergarten. Thurs night we had one of his favorite meals, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Of course we had to have a cake too.
He even made a wish and kept it a secret.
His birthday party with all his friends was today. Luke LOVES the slide inflatables whenever we go to festivals. So I was thrilled when Fun time inflatables opened up in town. Basically a bunch of huge inflatables inside a warehouse. Even better they have a birthday room all set up.

The kids had a blast. It was tough getting pictures nobody stayed till for long. Dewey was right in there running and playing with the kids. They had a big inflatable boxing ring with HUGE gloves. The kids favorite part was tackling Dew.
Luke invited all his friends from daycare that he has know for years.
Some of the slides were pretty large, it was a crack up watching the kids fly down them. This pic is a little hard to see of Kolby but its still funny.

It didn't take them long to start diving, going down backwards or upside down.

Luke choose Star Wars for his Birthday theme. Not a big surprise since that's what he asked Santa for too.

His cake turned out really cute (store bought, I can only do so much ;) We found glow swords at the dollar store that we used as light sabers, they were a big hit.
Pizza for lunch, what kid doesn't like that?

More candles and Happy birthday songs.

And presents to unwrap. It was so sweet to see how excited each child was to give Luke their present.

Luke said it was a really good birthday. That's all we can hope for :)
Happy birthday Luke we love you!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Holidays!

Or as we will forever remember the past two weeks.....the season of the flu.
On the 23rd Kolby had a fever. We were not to worried and assumed it was a little cold. We did have a wonderful Christmas eve, even with both boys feeling under the weather. We watched a movie, read about the true meaning of Christmas, decorated cookies for Santa and left food outside for Santa's reindeer. On Christmas morning we were up (all 4 of us) at 4am. 95% because none of us slept, both Luke and Kolby had fevers and were up all night. 5% excitement about Santa. So our pictures are very limited (funny what exhaustion does to my brain, normally pictures are the first thing I think of) Christmas morning was very subdued, but everyone was thrilled with the gifts.

We had lots of time to play with Santa toys before Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Mary came over for presents and breakfast.
One of Luke's favorites from Auntie Liz and Uncle Gary.

Most of the day was spent like this. We did go over to Grandma and Grandpa's for a yummy Christmas dinner.

On Sunday we drove to Salt Lake to spend time with Steve and Miki. We also got to have dinner with the Allreds and exchange our family gifts, very fun. On Monday Steve and Dewey went skiing at Park City. (on killer perfect snow I might add) Kolby still was not feeling good his fever was still over 100. Clearly it was not just a little cold like we had thought/hoped. So off to the doctors we went. They tested Kolby for influenza we had to wait a day to find out the results. On Tues Miki had made an appointment for her, I and keanna to go to a spa for some girl time. I'm pretty sure those few hours of pure relaxation saved me. It was AMAZING!! We drove home that same day and found out Kolbys test results were positive. Luckily for me I had had my flu immunizations.......however Dew, Luke and Kolby had not. The rest of the week was spent with everyone (except me) sick to various degrees.
By New Years eve everyone was feeling slightly better so we had a friend and his kids over to celebrate. The kids had a blast, I got them journals to decorate for the 2011. They watched a movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. And who doesn't love party hats?

It is our hope that we got all our time being sick done. Now we have the whole year to enjoy being healthy and happy.

We wish all a very happy new year!!!!!