Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hidden Treasue

We found another hidden treasure. It's a breathtaking area just north of St. George. The best part is a small river and water fall that drys up by May. We are so excited we found it and were able to see it this year before its dry.
Luke was able to do the whole hike (ok more like an easy walk) by himself. And Kolby rode in the pack on dads back this year.
There was one area that you have to hold on to a rope and climb on notches that have been carved out in the rock. Dewey climbed back and forth carrying the boys to the other side. A little crazy but pretty safe....

This is the top or as far as we could go without going swimming through a small slot canyon. It took Kolby less then a minute to get soaking wet in the stream.
Before Pic
After pic
Its amazing to me that you can be in the middle of a desert and find a lush green area.

Check out my cute hiking boys :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, we sure did !!!!
We started our Easter last week by coloring eggs. In case any ones wondering farm fresh brown eggs color just like the store bought white ones. The kids loved it, they directed dad as to which colors they wanted for each and every egg. Kolby was in charge of putting the stickers on the eggs.

This is Kolby doing "Bunny ears"
And Luke showing off his Bunny ears skills.

G.G sent the boys Easter treats. They were so excited to open the box. They each got cute little baskets and candy. THANK YOU G.G
And last but not least Kolby wishing everyone a Spring

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You are here!

Everyone knows we love our Sunday drives. A few weeks back the weather predictions were not good, it was going to be a stormy blustery day. We didn't need any more incentive to try and find some sun and fun. We started our going over a mountain to the East....hum nope still several feet of snow. We headed South to Kanab, a beautiful little town that is usually warm. (at least warmer then us) But the wind beat us there so we had lunch but couldn't really get out and play. We decided to head West again but go a different way then the over the mountain route we had taken. So off we go, cross into Arizona and head home.......
Me "um I think we are driving East"
Dew " maybe a little but its more South then East"
Me " No I think its pretty much straight East"
Dew " I think the road curves around up here and we will head West again"
I'm looking around at this point and seeing NOTHING except tree's as we head East back into some mountains.... oh and snow.... a blizzard really.
This is the first thing we came to, it was a little scenic view spot. I took a picture of the sign as proof....... that we had been driving East and were almost to the GRAND CANYON. We had taken a wrong turn right out of Kanab.

So here are the boys on our quest for sun playing day :)
The craziest part was there was NOBODY around until we walk up to the lookout area and then these men walk up offer to take our picture. So here we are, can you tell we are all freezing?

We have been laughing about our adventure ever since. What a fun, completely unexpected day. I think they make the best memories. That and the fact that me and the boys slept most of the way home :)