Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catch up

It seems like the past few weeks have flown by. I don't think I have picked up my camera since our last hike. All of these pics were taken with my phone. 
The boys love hats and taking pictures. They both took turns taking pictures of each other. The top picture is Luke telling me and Kolby to look mean. I'm not really sure we pulled it off :) They each took at least 25 pictures, laughing the whole time.
 Two weekends ago Dewey and I went to Las Vegas with some wonderful friends to see Bon Jovi.
 We had SO much fun. We are blessed to have amazing friends. We laughed so hard my stomach and cheeks hurt. Good food, fun limo ride excellent concert and a zip line down Fremont street at 3am. A perfect little weekend get away. Terrible picture of Jon but I swear its really him.
 Zoey turned six months old, so in she went to the vet to get fixed. When we brought her home she didn't move much. Curly (the cat) laid by her I like to think to protect her. See his little paw moving getting ready to smack me if I get to close?
 A local nursery had their big spring grand opening. They had a ladybug hunt for the kids. Which the boys of course wanted to do.
 There had to have been a gazillion lady bugs. I spent the whole time making the boys go in front of our cart picking up the ones on the sidewalk so they didn't get squished. Like most things I did not fully comprehend what a lady bug hunt involved.
 In the end the boys each ended up with a little container full of lady bugs. Luke let his go in grandmas flower garden. Kolby let his go in our garden. After telling them to not get eaten by the chickens.
 How many dogs do you see?
 Ha two dogs. (can you tell I'm easily entertained?)
 What do you do when one Kindle has to be recharged so there is only one to play with? Teamwork of course.
I have to say I was pretty impressed with what they came up with.
Last weekend Dewey and I took turns manning our booth for work at the Spring Home and Gardens fair. I did still manage to get in some work on the house. I have decided to make some cosmetic changes to the front of our house. (thank you Pinterest) I'll post some before and after shots once its done. If it turns out at all presentable :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Red cliffs hike

 We had not done this hike in two years.Two years makes a BIG difference in what the boys can do. We got to the end and Dew and I both said, "that's it we are here all ready, didn't it take longer than that last time?". I downloaded a hiking app on my phone (I love love me some stats people) The hike was all of .77, not even a mile long...... what the.
 Even if it barely counts as a hike we still love it. Red rocks, blue sky and water YES please.

 Check out my wild man hubby. See the water, walking in it not a big deal. Dropping your whole person in it a huge deal. Guess where this water came from? That's right freshly melted snow......brrrrrrrr
 This little water whole was deep enough that Dew couldn't touch the bottom. It didn't stop the boys from figuring out a solution. Pretty handy that a rock slide was available.
 Do you think Luke had fun?
 Kolby's turn, that's right Dew dunked his body three times in icy water.
 They were both doing their warrior yells.
 If you are looking for pics of me doing the same, keep looking. This mama stayed warm and dry on the shore. Hey I was holding the camera it had to be protected :)
Did I mention how much beautiful it is here?
Second hike of the season done and much enjoyed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

See ya baby teeth

 The tooth fairy has our house dialed in to her frequent stops GPS. (I mean I assume she has one)  Last week Luke had one tooth pulled by the dentist and two days later lost the third of his front top teeth.
 And Kolby lost his very first tooth. It has been loose for a few weeks so it had to have been only hanging on by a thread. Luke offered to "Help" by pushing, pulling and twisting (gag) Kolbys tooth for him to get it out.  Kolby said no he would wait for it to come out on its own. The tooth made its grand exit Monday while he was at preschool. When I picked him up from Kindergarten there was quite the excitement from the other kids for him to show me.
 Because it was his very first lost tooth the Tooth Fairy left a certificate and nice letter explaining why she takes the teeth and that its a big deal to start losing them. Beyond happy kid.
This last picture is not at all tooth related, unless you count the smile. As soon as Kolby sits himself down this cat plants himself on his lap. Curly (as in Curly, Larry and Mo) relaxes completely as Kolby plays his kindle, relaxes or watches a movie. Pretty stinkin cute if you ask me :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Easter

 Last week Kolbys class had a field trip to a local park. I was able to schedule some time off from work so I could help. I am now of the opinion kindergartner's might just be the very cutest people in the world.
Me and another parent got to the park early to sprinkle candy all over the grass.
 When the kids arrived they got to run around and find candy and eggs to put in the bunny bags they had made earlier. So stinkin cute!
 One little girl came up to me and asked if I knew about the Tasmanian Devil. Without a pause I said "oh yea Taz and Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes" She tilted her little head and said "I'm not sure about that one the one I'm talking about is a wild animal that lives in Australia" Bahaa I got schooled by a 5 year old.
 Their teacher being very wise had the kids running all over. Its hard to tell from my phone pics but these kids all have huge grins on their faces. So happy to be running. I tried to think back about the last time I was happy about running. I honestly can't remember but suspect it was sometime in middle school. What an amazing and precious thing to be happy for no reason other then running with all your friends.
 They got to have a picnic lunch which was a pretty big deal since they only go to school half day so they normally don't get to eat lunch together. Most of them have on their green class shirts. Their teacher had them each draw a picture of themselves and then had shirts made with all the kids pictures on them. Beyond cute.
We spent Easter weekend camping with family, Our first trip of the season. Very fun to see everyone. The Easter bunny found the boys so they were able to have an Easter egg hunt in the wild. Guess who makes a mean dutch oven pot roast? This vegetarian. (So I'm told since I didn't actually taste it.)
The rest of the week was spent at doctors appointment so a certain son who has severe eczema could get meds and creams. Which certain son is NOT pleased in the least to have to put on twice a day. Same son also had to have a tooth pulled. So thankful for the amazing kid dentists that are out there now. They have been so good with both boys.