Saturday, July 24, 2010

We have a garden!!!!

You might not think that's a big deal but this was our fourth try (and definitely last if it didn't grow) so I didn't hold out much hope for this year.
I just could not believe I'm a vegetarian who can not grow veggies.
So this year we went big, we started in April planting seeds to grow inside the house. (part of the problem is our very short growing season)
This is the boys taking their gardening jobs very seriously.

We got through the first hurdle the plants (for the most part) grew. Here they are ready to plant.

Next Dewey put up hay bales on both ends to act as a wind break (another big issue here) and fencing to keep the chickens out.

Here it is with everything planted. The plants that you can actually see are from my amazing garden extraordinaire mother in law. She has a green house and a green thumb. Lucky for us she had to many plants for her garden so she shared them with us.

Like I said at the beginning even with all this work I sort of assumed the plants would die. So........ I may have planted WAY to many squash plants. I was playing the odds plant 10, if 8 die I still have 2. I love love squash so that was a must in our veggie choice. We did also plant beets, carrots, peas, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins.

As you can see the squash took over!!! No more neat little walking paths between the rows. One whole corner we can't even get to. But look at all that green. Everything grew, YOOHOO!!! We only had to add a few more hay bales and more fencing, sneaky chickens found a way in.
We have a real garden!!!
Now that we know we can do it we have all kinds of plans for next year to fix everything we did wrong this year.
In the mean time we pick this much squash every other day. Anybody have any good squash freezing recipes? As it is we are eating some form of squash every night for dinner. And I'm pretty sure people pretend to not be home when they see us coming with bags of squash. Who knew not everybody loves it?

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July!!!

We have had such a crazy busy last few weeks. The week before the 4th my Grandma visiting from Texas was able to stay with us a few days. The boys just loved having their G.G here to play with them. Luke even had her out playing baseball.
For the 4th weekend my brothers amazing girlfriend Miki arraigned for all of us to stay in a condo in Park City. (which happens to be one of my favorite places in Utah)
This is Steve (with the scary mountain bike face on) Me, Miki, and Kiena waiting in line to ride the ski lift. On this trip down Dew stayed with the littles.
It was a BLAST!!!!!! I LOVED speeding down the mountain with he wind in my face enjoying the wondrous views. On the next run I went with Steve and Dewey, we did a harder switch back run and I'm happy to say I only wrecked once with no visible damage.
Dewey took Hailey Luke and Kolby on the lift to ride the Alpine slide.
Unfortunately when they got to the top they were told he needed one more adult to be able to ride the slide down. So there walk down the mountain not near as much fun as our ride. We were all able to go down the next day. Luke yelled the whole way down "Go faster, go faster". And Kolby just laughed.

They did have some Kiddie rides that the three littles could not get enough of.

On Saturday Liz and Gary hosted our annual family BBQ at their house. It was so fun seeing everyone. We were able to see Grandma one more time before she goes home. Liz and Gary did an amazing job, the BBQ turned out great. Whats not to love about mondo big marshmallows to roast over the fire.

One of the boys favorite cousins is "big" Hailey (we have two haileys big hailey is big by virtue of being the oldest) Luke took tons of pics of her and her husband Dan. This one is so cute, sorry Dan I swear I didnt take it.
On the way home on Monday we stopped at Sundance in Prove canyon........beautiful beautiful ski resort.

The mountains in this area just take my breathe away away every time I see them. An amazing weekend!!!!! Thank you so much Miki, and Steve it was a weekend we will never forget!!!!