Monday, April 26, 2010

Big News!!

Luke can ride a bike!!!
The snow/rain/wind FINALLY let up enough for us to get the bikes out of the garage. Dewey took Luke's training wheels off and we headed to our neighbors (the closest place with an asphalt driveway...or any paved driveway) for some practice rides. Both Dewey and I assumed this would be a slow going process. Wrong..... as soon as the wheels came off Luke hopped on and started riding. He was giggling and laughing the whole time he was so excited. I took these pictures and videos once we got home.

Sorry about the wind in the video, it makes it a little hard to hear. And yes Luke is in cowboy boots, We do live in the country after all ;) He is already asking for a bigger bike, with the helpful suggestion that Kolby can have his soon to be old bike. He also wants Dewey to build him a dirt track to ride on. We might need some helpful hints from the Wilcox clan :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pacific Beach

One of our favorite places is Pacific Beach. While we were in San Diego we could not miss the chance to spend a few hours there. Luke told us several times that we wanted to stay there. He said "this is way more San Diego then the other San Diego". (we stayed on shelter island on San Diego harbor) Apparently to him San Diego means big waves.
I LOVE this picture I had it blown up to frame. When its enlarged you can see that both boys have huge smiles on their faces.

Its funny how one year changes things, last year they were all about spending time in the sand. This year running from the waves was the big hit.

I'm thinking future surfers.....

Kolby made sure to tell everyone when the next wave was coming in, he was a busy boy :)

Kolby and Crystal Pier a perfect pic.

And the wildest boy of all my darling hubby. He talked my brother Steve into boogie boarding. It looked like a blast, except that it was March and the Pacific Ocean. They were the only two people I saw out there without a wetsuit on. Maybe snow skiing all his life has made Dew immune to the cold. I think I'll save my full on swimming for summer months.
Its hard to tell this small but enlarged you can see the smile, this is one happy man.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Fun

Well the snow melted but we had strong winds all day Easter. Its hard to tell from these pics but the boys were having a hard time even walking. Needless to say our Easter egg hunt was all of 5 minutes long.

Even short that's all the boys have talked about, finding the eggs the Easter bunny left them.
Notice the chickens in the background, they are all huddled behind a hay bale. Whats an Easter egg hunt without chickens? :)

We did have a wonderful afternoon. Grandma came over and brought Grandpa Adolf and Aunt Mary to share the day with us. Dewey cooked a wonderful dinner for everyone. The boys showed Grandma and Aunt Mary how to play Wii bowling. Lots of fun and laughs for everyone.
Because of the nasty weather we decided inside activities were better then out. On Saturday we took the boys to see "How to train your Dragon" in 3D. Very cute show!! Luke loved his glass's and reached out to "touch" the screen the whole movie. Kolby would not put his on, but still watched the whole thing. Which is a new record for us usually he makes it to the last 10 or 15 minutes of the show and we have to take him for a walk.
Fun weekend!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

San Diego

This is what we came home from San Diego to.......... it was 16 degrees this morning when we left the house. UGH!!!!!

It's no small secret that I LOVE LOVE San Diego. Maybe its that I spent a lot of time there as a child. Maybe its something in the ocean and the near perfect weather every day that calls to me. Something about it just sings to my soul and makes me feel at home.

So.... leading up to our trip I was beyond excited which rubbed off just a tad on the boys. Everywhere we went Kolby would tell people "we are going to my San Diego" and Luke would talk about the beach. (makes a mom so proud :)

Liz (my sister) arraigned the trip and hotel for everyone to stay at. We stayed in Point Loma, a different part of San Diego then we usually visit. It was kinda of nice to be forced us out of our routine. Our hotel was like a small tropical island, just beautiful. We had a small beach on San Diego harbor that overlooked downtown San Diego.

The boys THRILLED to see water. I love this picture of them running, does it get better then running on sand?

It was hard to get Kolby to look at the camera, this is his "if I hurry and give her a smile she will let me go look".

Another BIG reason for the boys excitement was getting to see their cousin Hailey. That's her in the pink with Dew and the boys. They had so much fun with her the whole trip, short as it was.

This happy face just makes my heart sing, pure joy.

I was trying to be "artsy" the boys just thought it was way cool to sit on a boat :)

LOTS more pics to come, but I'll try to keep the vacation pics to a small number each post to keep down the boredom factor :)