Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gary's Retirment

My brother in law Gary retired from the Marine Corps with 26 years service.
We were honored to be able to attend his retirement ceremony last weekend in San Diego.
It was amazing and awe inspiring, I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd.

It was really moving to see how they honored his family. Liz (my sister) was escorted up and given an award. She and his two beautiful girls were all presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Gary was presented with a flag flown over the location of his choice.

He was able to choose the Officer that officially retired him, He choose his brother. (that's Matt with his back to the camera) His brother flew in from Okinawa Japan where he is currently stationed. A truly moving thing to see two brothers standing at attention facing each other for the last time in uniform.

Gary we are so proud of you!!! We are thankful for your many years of service to this country.
Thank you for letting us meet your wonderful family and share in your day.

Luke and Kolby were so good during the whole ceremony. And if you know them at all you know its a near impossibility for them to sit still for more then five minute. Luke was enthralled and Kolby clapped along to the music the whole time. You know something is inspiring if it holds the attention of a three and five year old.
More pics to come because come on we were in San Diego after all :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Warners try ceramics......

So here's a big secret...... I got an F my sophomore year in high school ceramics. Over the years I have wondered how that could have been possible. I assumed it was during a phase in school that I was not really trying all that hard. ( OK just found out about boys, same thing)
A few nights ago Luke had a family night for his school. You guessed it ceramics at our local high school. Filled with high hopes I just knew I could set the record straight, surely I have some skills in the art of ceramics.
I do feel a little better in knowing that my F back them was well deserved. Whatever artistic ability I have ( I like to think I have a little) is not anywhere in the realm of ceramics or clay shaping/molding.
As it turned out the wheel was not where any member of the Warmer fam shone. (which we had to kindly explain to Luke's teacher when she wanted to see our completed work for a photo)
But that doesn't mean we didn't have a blast getting dirty playing with our clay mounds.

I actually tried to stick it out with the wheel while the boys all tried their hand at molding.
Ta....da.... their creations....

Just look at this proud bunch.

And Kolby showing off his mud look. The funniest part of this pic is that he was wearing an apron the whole time. Its a skill to get this dirty while covered.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another month come and gone....

Wow time flies, I wish I could say we were busy with grand adventures but its not true we were just busy with life. You know the fun stuff like the creepy cold bug that I have had off and on for weeks. And potty training Kolby....ugh.
So I thought I would give a quick update with some random pics.
Luke and Kolby's new favorite show is Dora and Diego. They LOVE- LOVE it!! I found out I could upload a pic of Kolby and have it turned into a Dora Diego cartoon with him in it. It turned out so cute!!! Kolby was beyond excited to see himself in the show. I took a picture of the TV (sorry about the glare) to show how cute it is.

And Lukes new favorite thing is taking pictures, Yep takes after me. He asks for the camera at least once a day to take pics of this that and everything in between. For the most part its me and Kolby that get in his shots. Here are some of his shots...
Me and Kolby matching "cheese" smiles

There are lots and lots of self pics, this is one of the better ones.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the first hints of spring in the air.