Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted. Time flies when all every single one of us has been sick. I think we need to buy stock in Lysol for how much we have sprayed everything down to try and stop the germs from swarming the house.... to no avail.
My grandma flew in from Texas last week for my cousins darling new baby, Ellie's blessing. They all came down to their house in St George over the weekend. On Sat. I thought the boys were feeling well enough for us to drive down and spend the day with everyone. And we wanted to say goodbye to grandma before she leave to fly home.
As it turned out Kolby was still not feeling well and ended up sleeping the all but 15 minutes of our day there. (poor little guy)
Luke however had a blast playing and exploring.

These are the rocks around the hot tub, a perfect climbing place for 4 year olds.

He took grandma for a walk around the pool and had to point out everything to her.

They have a putting green that Luke and I practiced our short shots on, he was only to happy to show off for grandma.

Not a bad shot!! (the ball did go in)

And YEA!!! I got to hold the BEAUTIFUL little sweet Ellie. Its been forever since I have held a baby this small..... simply heaven. She is just a doll, I'm so excited to have a new little one in our family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kolby

My baby turned two yesterday......
We tied balloons to his bed so he would wake up to them. He was so excited...... after he woke up in our bed and Luke took him back into his room to see them.
We had cake (made by Dew) and ice cream of course. Kolby's face was a little confused when we sang to him but he knew the cake was his... "mine, mine"

He's showing off his new football sweatshirt. With his cheese smile, he says cheese as he is smiling.

I'm sure I will say this after every birthday. But really I can't believe he is two already. Where has the time gone? And how is it that he already knows how to put in a DVD, push play and watch a movie. I don't think I have mastered that skill yet :)
This little boy has a way of yelling my name when he hasn't seen me in a few hours and jumping into my arms that melts my heart like nothing else.
Happy Birthday baby, we love you!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy 60Th to an amazing man whom we are blessed to be able to call Dad and Grandpa.
He is our constant source of strength and inspiration and we wish him nothing but joy this day and always.
We love you, Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jammin with the "Boss"

During the Superbowl halftime Bruce Springsteen played.

As soon as the boys saw him come on they disappeared into the other room. A half minute later they were both back with their guitars.

Yep they were ready to jam.

It was so cute and very funny, Luke was so serious.

Notice Luke's legs in all the pictures, he has the rock moves down.

And now mourning in the Warner house, no more football until next fall..... yep sad days for this football lovin family :)