Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

 What a wonderful Mothers day!! It started with Luke inviting me to a Mothers Day program at his school. Each of the kids in his class had written a letter to their moms. They each got up and read it out loud. It was so very sweet. They then sang a few songs including the "Frozen" song. Luke has mentioned at least 50 times how much does does not like this song. If I'm being honest he probably did not like doing any part of the program. Which made it all the sweeter that he did it knowing it would make me happy. When it was over he came and gave me a big hug and a flower.
 We woke up Sunday morning to nine inches of snow. So we headed off in search of sun and fun. As it happened Las Vegas had both. We started at Circus Circus Adventure dome. They have roller coasters and a bunch of other kid loving stuff. We went up to the counter to buy tickets and they said they would have to measure the boys. Luke came in just under 48 inches which meant he could not go on the rides but wanted to. Kolby came in just over 48 inches, he could go on the rides but didn't want to. So change of plans. We did the Batman laser room, which was fun. We divided up into pairs and had to go through a room of lasers up, over, and around without touching them.
 We played 18 holes of miniature golf. It was the first time the boys had even played, they both loved it. They both did really well.

 Luke and I attempted the rock wall. Sort of a fail on my part, I failed to tell Luke not to look down. He made it a little ways, but one look at the ground and he was done. I worked out my kinks and rusty rock climbing skills and made it to the top.
 You know the carnival games that NOBODY ever wins? Luke won! This was the ring toss game, through the little red ring over a bottle top. We all played for fun and low and behold Luke's ring stuck. He is now the proud owner of a minion roughly the same size as him.
We ended up at Caesars Palace, Cheesecake Factory. The boys loved the aquarium while waiting for our table. DELISH lunch/dinner. Luke declared the cheesecake we shared to be the best thing he had ever eaten.
A simply perfect day. I am a blessed mama for sure!!!

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