Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Snow......

Who's ready for the white stuff????
This is what we woke up to this morning, something not right about snow on a Jack-o-lantern.

The boys on the other hand were THRILLED with the snow. Kolby clapped and jumped up and down when he looked out the window.
They had a blast playing when we got home.

This picture cracks me up of Luke, hat to big and he still manages to have his ears sticking out :)

Think this boy likes the snow?

We thought we were in the clear with Kolby's eye. But two nights ago he slipped on our tile and fell on his face... his surgery side. We think the stitches on the inside held but the outside is not a pretty sight. (Its now bandaged) Poor little guy now has a big goose egg right above his scar. But as you can see from the pics he is still not letting anything keep him down. And he thinks his "band aid" is pretty cool stuff.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin carving time

On Saturday we did our annual pumpkin carving.
The boys took their "job" of cleaning out the pumpkins very seriously. The had their whole arms in the pumpkins most of the time.
Notice the football game on in the background? Can't have a Saturday with collage ball on.

Dewey is doing a great job of cleaning out pumpkins while watching his team play. Too bad they lost....... hum.... who's team won.... yep mine :D
We decorated the house with the least scary Halloween things I could find. Most of it is Mickey Mouse Halloween. But the boys still claim it to be "very scary".
Here's Bailey modeling one of our pumpkins for you. Kolby picked out the "Boo!" Ghost for Dewey to do.

We had some great patterns this year, I love how this one turned out.

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween week.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kolby has a new scar

A few months ago we noticed Kolby had a bump over his left eye that was not going away. We went to his Pediatrician who ran multiple tests but was unable to determine what it was. We were referred to a specialist here in Cedar City, he was able to tell us it was a Dermoid cyst and fairly common in the brow area. But that we would have to have it removed as it would continue to grow in size. Being that we live in a small town we were sent to Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake City. We met with a pediatric plastic surgeon who agreed it was a Dermoid cyst and scheduled the surgery.
The big day was Wed, they scheduled the surgery in Provo just 3 hours North of us. Because of the Swine flu scare Luke was not allowed in the hospital (nobody under 14) so grandpa and grandma came to the rescue and he stayed with them. Dewey, Kolby and I went up Tues night and stayed with our wonderful friends Troy and Wendy (huge thanks to them!).
All in all everything went better then we could have hoped. The hospital staff was wonderful, so very nice to all of us. Kolby did great, we took up our portable DVD player and his favorite movie in the entire world "Cars" for him to watch. He fell asleep before going in and stayed asleep after they wheeled him out. (huge help for me since I was not sure how I would handle him crying and screaming while they took him away)
The surgery went really well, the Doctor confirmed it had all the appearances of a cyst. It was hard hearing him cry (scream) as he came out of anaesthesia. I climbed onto the bed with him and he calmed down. Once he could talk he asked to watch his movie again, which made the nurses laugh :)
We were able to drive home Wed and Kolby is doing better then we could have hoped. The swelling has gone down and most important he doesn't seem to be in pain.
This is waiting for him to go into surgery.

Now the hard part is trying to keep a little boy who runs full speed ahead every waking hour, down and relaxed. On a normal day he hits is head at least 14 times. So I'm spending most of my time running behind trying to catch/prevent/stop any falls.
We are so glad this is over and everything is fine. A large amount of stress and worry has been lifted from.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gotta love mother nature

We have wanted a patio set since we moved into our house four years ago. I have had many day dreams of picnic lunch's with the boys, late dinner under the stars with Dew and of course Sunday morning relaxing with my coffee and paper.
So we were thrilled to buy a "new to us" set last week.
This is a heavy large round table with a beautiful glass top inlaid with a leaf design. (It took both Dew and I to move it from the truck to our back deck) And six matching chairs.
We set it up on Thursday, but unfortunately the temps have dropped so we had not made it out to try it out yet.
Then came Sunday... and the wind

Not just a few breezes here and there but 60 a mile wind gusts. We looked out the windows to solid dust clouds and our trees bent sideways.

About halfway through the day Dewey asked me to come look out the patio door. "See anything missing?" He asked. I'm counting tree's the barn and hay pile and didn't notice anything. (to be fair the table had only been there three days I was not used to seeing it ) "Stand back and look to the left"..............

Who knew a glass table top could shatter into a zillion pieces? And who would guess that a wind storm could pick up a table and send it flying 10 feet to the North to land upside down.
So lesson learned, I'm not sure if its that we are not meant to have a patio set. Or maybe its, if we choose to live in a wind tunnel we should not have anything on our deck.
And my patio daydreams can wait a little longer :)