Monday, March 16, 2009

A beautiful Sunday

We had a perfect Sunday! The kind of day that's relaxed and fun for the whole family.
We started off coming into town to meet Aunt Becca and Uncle Dell for brunch. They were on their way home from St. George and stopped to see us. (Thanks for the yummy food!!) Always fun getting to see them!
And we were in luck we had the day off and the weather was nice. (happens less often then you would think) So we headed up to one of our favorite walking trails.
Luke starts out walking but that doesn't usually last long :)

I wish my camera was better, the hills behind the boys are bright red, it looked just beautiful with the stream in the background. But we did get both boys to smile :)
The boys favorite part is the park at the beginning of the trail. It takes a lot of work and promises to come back and play after we walk to get the boys past it. The slides were the biggest hit.

They couldn't pass up the swings either.

We ended the afternoon with ice cream cones before heading home.
Just a perfect day!!
Sorry I know I'm behind in blogging (way way way behind) I'm having trouble juggling everything, but I'm trying to get caught up......

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nascar in Las Vegas

Last weekend our good friends came through town on their way to spend the weekend in Las Vegas. It was NASCAR weekend and they had tickets and reservations to stay at the track.
They invited us to come down Saturday for the party. With some huge help from Grandma and Grandpa as babysitters off we went.
I went to a race a few years ago and loved it but I never saw the "city" of motor homes that is behind the track. It was one big party with groups of friends all over.
This is Troy, Cary, Me, Judy and Wendy (dew's taking the pic) We m...a...y have snuck into the track after it had closed to watch the practices....

That's me Troy and Cary sticking our heads through a small window in the fence that was open. Very cool you have to admit.

So this year is a VERY big birthday year for my hubby and his wonderful friends. I'm thinking it will be one big party year as there is a birthday nearly every month. I love these guys and think its a truly amazing thing that they are still so close after all this time.

Dewey and I didn't even see a race and still had so much fun spending time with everyone.

Late night group shot

Cary and Dewey being themselves :)

Check out the hotties!! And this is just a small portion of their group, hopefully sometime this year we can get a group pic with everyone in it.

Troy, Wendy, Cary and Judy THANK YOU we had a blast!!!