Monday, April 14, 2014

The best gift!!

 A few weeks ago we drove up north for the Karate tournament. We had the opportunity to stop and visit with family we had not seen in years. It was wonderful beyond words to catch up. As if just seeing Denise and Ken wasn't enough she gave us each gorgeous quilts.
 I love each of the quilts, I could not pick a favorite if I had too. They are each simply stunning.
 I love the fact that they were made with love with us in mind. Perfect for snuggling, feeling warm and safe.These are like pieces of artwork. It boggles my mind as to how its even possible to make them.
Luke and Kolby are crazy about theirs. And they fit their personality perfectly. 
 Theirs are made up of jars of all things wild and beautiful. Butterfly's, ants, lizards and fish to name a few.

 Some of the lids came off like this one with lady bugs flying free.
 Each frame of the quilt is something new and interesting to look at.

 I love this one with a caterpillar in the bottom jar and a butterfly in the top one.
See these smiles......priceless. Thank you so very much Denise, we will treasure them always.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Texas Visit

 Last weekend Liz (my sister) and I flew out to Texas. (by taking a red eye flight and spending most of the weekend going on zero sleep) 
We got to spend time with our beautiful grandma. Dementia is a hard thing to deal with,  there really is no sugar coating it. And I'll be honest when I say it scares the hell out of me, in terms of my future. But those are worries for another day. This visit was spent talking to a women who was happy to have visitors. And that's enough for me.
On Friday night we got to go to Jordan's Spring football game. So fun to be able to sit on their new field under construction. Funny story Liz and I were wearing sweat shirts and wrapped in blankets freezing. Two little girls came skipping by in shorts and tank tops happy as can be. I guess our desert living did not prepare us for the cold+humidity of Houston. Jordan played great, so glad we got to watch.
On Saturday we spent the day on the coast at Kemah. Everybody knows I love love the ocean. So I am happy as can be just being near it. Unfortunately Patrick had to work but Jordan got to go with us.
 A fun day exploring shops and the area. Interesting to see the damage the last hurricane that came through did. We ate at Bubba Gumps which was a hit with everyone. Even me they had a yummy mushroom "burger".

 Fun weekend with family. Big thanks to the Werts for treating us to such a good time.