Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas past

One of my favorite Christmas's of all time was Christmas 2007. It was our first Christmas with Luke. We brought him home on March 25 2007. At Christmas time we was two, he would turn three in a few weeks. He was still so small but at the same time learning everything so fast.
I love this picture when he first saw that Santa had visited.

He was so inquisitive and serious about everything. (that part has not really changed)
A simply wonderful Christmas day.

The day after Christmas Dewey and I flew to Guatemala to meet Kolby for the first time. He was 10 months old. Such an amazing happy boy.

This is one of my favorite photos. Dewey took it about five minutes after we got up to our room for the first time with Kolby.

He was so close to walking on his own. We feel so blessed to be able to catch his first steps. (by the time we were able to bring him home in April he was walking all over the place)

I truly wondrous Christmas that I will forever hold close to my heart.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy to you!!

Make sure and pause the blog tunes on the right hand side before you play. Sorry about the lighting and quality Dewey took it with his Blackberry. But I thought to cute not to share. The boys and I sing Christmas carols while we are driving, this is Kolby's favorite to sing. His very own version of a classic :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa visit

We made our annual Christmas trip to St George last weekend. Because we live in a small town our shopping opportunities are VERY limited. So we head to St. George a slightly larger town with actual stores. (Target, Costco and the like) Our favorite part is going to the mall. For me because they have a Barnes and Noble, for the boys because SANTA is there.

They were so excited and practiced what they were going to tell Santa on the drive down. After five minutes of sitting on his lap Dewey had to rescue Santa :) I'm pretty sure they both figured while they had the chance they were going to ask for everything in the world they might want.

We had a great day and I think I can confidently say we are almost done with shopping. I mean no need to hurry we have a whole 10 days left right.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trying to get Christmas pics.....

Just a small example of the craziness that is my life :) A full week before Thanksgiving, before the cold weather and snow we had some rare free time. Perfect time to try and get some Christmas pics done. So I grabbed two nice shirts and jeans without holes in the knees and off we went. I "found" this really cool old barn that is a great place to take pics. As it happens other people have found it too. The car right in front of us pulled in first. (what are the chances of that happening?) So we drove around while I watched the sun sink lower in the sky. We finally had our turn but it meant lots of shadows. But and really the most important part the boys were in great moods and smiled through all the shots.

They did so good I got a lot of really great pics. I was so happy with myself thinking I was way ahead of schedule and it was so much less stressful then last year. Once we got home I started to upload the shots and look at them closer. Hum....... I thought something looks familiar about these pics...... I went into my files and pulled up last years Christmas card pics. The boys are wearing the exact same shirts in both sets! Same shirt on same kid. They both wear the same size and wear each others shirts so I had a 50/50 chance of that happening. Its not like they don't have a closet fun of clothes I just happened to grab these two.....again.
So back out to try again, this time there was snow and it was cold and the boys were in no mood for pics. Thought I would share some of the better ones I got.

So here it is a week after Thanksgiving and no Christmas card pics. We will try again this weekend....... wish us luck :)