Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Warner Family Reunion

A few weeks ago was the Warner family reunion in Spanish Fork.

It was such a fun day!!

The boys had a blast, they loved meeting a lot of their second cousins for the first time. And they really loved having so many kids their own age to play with.

The Warner clan went all out and rented a HUGE water slide for the kids.

See Luke and Kolby, one on each side...... not going down the slide?

Dad came to the rescue and clothes and all showed the boys how it was done. What a hero Dewey is.

Cassidi was able to come over for part of the day. She was in huge demand for the face/arm painting crafts. She is so creative, as soon as she would walk away from the table the kids would go looking for her.

Kolby and Luke were both more interested in the Pirate crafts, Kolby showing off his eye batch and pirate face. Luke was hard to pin down to take pictures he was literally running the whole time.
It was WONDERFUL getting to spend time with the whole family. The day just flew by with great conversation, great food and fun activities. ( I took tons of pics but don't like to post to many of others without asking permission)

Grandma Warner lives in a beautiful farm with stunning views in Spanish Fork.

Kolby was fascinated by Uncles Randal's cows. Dewey finally took him out so he could get up close and see them.

I love this next pic, Kolby likes cows much better from a distance. I told Kolby he was safe with me, the cows know I don't eat them they would leave us alone :)

They didn't seem to mind Dewey to much.

It was a long ride back to Cedar after such an action packed day. The boys both fell asleep before we were even out of Spanish Fork. And to be honest I was not to far behind them.

Thank you so much to everyone who worked on the reunion, I know it was a lot of work and took a lot of time and effort to pull off such a fun day.
We really appreciated being able to attend. And look foward to more to come.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mountain Biking

Our first mountain bike ride of the summer. ( I know its mid August and some might say the summer is nearly over but I'm being "half is glass full" and looking at it as a first of many rides)
We found a BEAUTIFUL trail around a lake. A friend told us about it and how its the perfect ride. They just failed to mention that its a VERY narrow trail. Not the perfect trail for pulling a trailer with two boys. Dewey had a workout and a half trying to pull them up hills through shrub.

We stopped about half way around the lake to cool off and enjoy the scenery.

The boys ended up stripping down to "birthday suits" to enjoy the water. The water was nice and cool and almost crystal clear. So fun to play and slash around in.

Dewey and I are thinking we might try to have a date day and try the ride ourselves. But then if we don't make it the whole way we won't have an excuse ;)
Have a great week all!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Splish Splashing Fun

Wow its August already and we have not posted swimming pics yet, where has the summer gone?
This is the boys pool in our backyard. Its just a couple inches of water but tons of fun. I can't believe how pools have changed since I was a kid.

The boy's love it, the hard part is getting them out.

A few weeks ago the Allreds invited everybody to their St. George house for the weekend. It was 115 degrees in the shade and a blast. The swimming pool felt more like a bathtub with its 98 degree water. It didn't stop any of us from jumping in.
Liz and Gary came down for the fun, this is Liz and Kolby.
Kolby and I splashing in the water after going down the slide.
Luke and Kolby started to get really good at holding their breathe and going under water, they both practiced in the low end. As long as they had their goggles on they were good to go.

You just can't have summer without swimming.