Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Very bad no good awful week...... and fishing

Have you ever had a week where something bad happened everyday? I'm pretty good with the general life stuff that happens but when it starts to pile up its a little tough.
A quick rundown...... broken toe (who would have thought that a little toe I only ever notice to occasionally paint could hurt so bad) Broken front tooth ( so not cute and so fun to be out in public smiling). An 8 hour car trip to the big city for a 10 minute doctors appointment with a specialist for Kolby. He has a cyst on his eyebrow that will need to be removed. (It only took 4 doctors and several tests to find this out) Lots of other little things but we all had some sort of medical issue. And our biggest worry is that Grandpa/Dad our family rock has not been feeling well.
But its a new week, I started it off bright and early at the dentist getting front tooth fixed so thats a good start. I saw grandpa with my own eyes and he says hes feeling better so hopefully we are all on the up swing.
Yesterday we tried for the third time to take the boys fishing. And third was our lucky charm...... 4 fish were caught between Luke and Kolby. It was perfect weather and a beautiful lake. A calm and relaxing way to end the week. (from hell)
Luke had to make sure the net works

And Luke proudly showing off his catch. I took videos but couldn't upload them. Pretty funny stuff. So hopefully now that the boys know what the point of putting your pole in the water and sitting there without moving is, it will be a LOT easier on Dews nerves.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 4th weekend

I know I have a lot of favorite places but Park City Utah is right up there near the top.
My almost sister in law Mickey was able to get us an amazing condo in PC for July 4Th weekend.
It was huge, there was plenty of room for Steve, Mickey and the girls, Liz and Gary plus our four. It was so fun to have 3 of my siblings all in one place with their families.
We had a blast!!!!! Huge thanks to Steve and Mickey for hosting us!!!
Steve and Dewey took their mountain bikes up the ski lift and rode down the Park city ski resort mountain. It looked like so much fun. I stayed and played with the "Little's" :)

Kolby, Luke and Hailey posing for pics while we waited in line for the Coaster ride.

They have a new ride, you sit on a coaster as it pulls you up the mountain, then you go as fast as you can back down the mountain without fear of flying of the rails. (unlike the alpine slide where you can go as fast as you like but have a good chance of flying off the track, just ask dew) Very very fun. Luke rode with Uncle Steve, Kolby with Dew and I took Hailey. The boys LOVED it, Luke was jumping up and down that they went so fast nobody caught up with them.
This is a pic as we were going up the mountain. While we were riding the Coaster Mickey and Keanna were riding down the mountain on a Zip line.

Park City has AMAZING restaurant's, its a hard choice with so many options. But Sushi is a favorite of all so we picked a very nice Sushi place. They had pillows to sit on benches just off the floor. Both Luke and Kolby fell asleep as we were walking in.
This is how they spent lunch in a nice restaurant..... fast asleep.

It took Luke awhile to wake up even after we left the restaurant. PC still has Olympic things set up all over town.

Aunt Becca and Uncle Dell hosted our annual Fourth of July BBQ at their house in Salt Lake. So we all drove down for yummy food, fireworks and to see Grandma (G.G) who had flown in from Texas.
This is the three Little's of the great grand kids, Kolby, Ellie and Luke. The boys were not sure about have "baby Ellie" sit by them without an adult there.
Luke and Uncle Steve playing on the rope swing.
It was so good to be able to spend time with Grandma, I don't know how I missed getting any pictures with her and the boys.

Wonderful getaway weekend, thanks to all for a great time!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Luke is getting so big, so grown up. We have been doing some serious cleaning, going through things not needed or not used to donate. As most of you know even though Luke was two when we brought him home from Kazakhstan he was wearing size 9 month clothes. He was still wearing size 12 month shorts last year. (It was far more traumatic then I thought it would be to go through his baby clothes that don't fit anymore. The only way I got through it was to promise myself I'm saving shirts to make a quilt.) I'm thrilled to report he is now a size three in shorts and pants!!! At his Doctors well visit a few weeks ago we found out he is....drum roll please... finally on the U.S growth charts!!!

Not only is he growing like a weed, he is also hilarious! This kid makes me laugh out loud every day. Dew and I are always looking at each other "did he just say that"? It doesn't seem that long ago that he said his first sentence. A few days ago I was giving the boys a bath and they were both splashing like crazy. ( I know weird for a 2 and 4 year old) I told them to stop they were getting me all wet. Luke turns to me and says "Mom relax, its just water it will dry". I heard Dew laughing at the other end of the house. Did my baby boy just tell me to relax??? Yup, he sure did. Hum, maybe a lesson in that for me to pay attention to.
Luke is definitely a daddies boy. If Dews doing something Luke needs to be doing the same thing. Same goes for clothes, even though its hot here if Dew is wearing pants and boots to work in the yard that's what Luke has to wear too. Luke has his own tools that he gets out if Dew has his out working on something. It is very sweet to watch I swear it just makes my heart sing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Outdoor life

Camping and fishing for us!!!
We had our first camp out of the season. We roasted hot dogs, (yummer veggie dogs for me)
and sat under the stars. Grandpa and Grandma were there to share in the fun.
This is Luke and Dad the next morning.
And Kolby, first time sleeping in a sleeping bag, he was happy as can be.
Did I not mention this camp out took place in our back yard :) There were "wild" animals (our dogs) but they just slept in the tent with us.
We really went fishing to an actual lake. Although we did not catch and actual fish.
This picture is sorta tells it all, both Luke and Kolby spent 90% of the time waving their poles around, the bait didn't spend much time in the water.

I do think that this is the first time we have been near water that Kolby has come away with dry clothes and not soaked to the bone.

See my foot that's me laying on a blanket reading a book and watching my boys. Loving life!!!

Our excitement of the day was when a big wind gust came up and blew Dews hat off and into the lake. He spent a good amount of time trying to fish it out with no luck. Finally it came to shore and Luke was thrilled to be able to be the one to wade out and get it.

So that's our Outdoor life so far this year. We really do plan on taking a real camping trip, but until then our backyard campout was a blast for all.