Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First hike of the season

 With spring in the air (not at our house which was still below freezing) we went in search of sun and the great outdoors. We ended up in St George exploring Snow Canyon.....B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L
Stunning landscape. 
We thought this rock formation looked like a dragon.
 We looked at the park map and picked a 3 1/2 mile hike, thinking it would be a good hike to start the season with. (meaning we spent the winter doing nothing that would resemble physical activity.....at all) There is something about red rock, green shrubs and blue sky that just amazes me.
 Is it weird that I highly dislike snakes but think lizards are super cute?
 We did not realize until it was to late that the hike we choose was spent mostly following a sandy river bottom. No biggie you say until you start walking through deep sand... and think hum we may be way more out of shape then we thought.
 I'm still not sure if the boys legs were really tired like they claimed or if they just wanted to play in the sand.

 Our hike was called "Three ponds" we ended at this little circle of water. Which I suppose could loosely be called a pond. We did realize we were in the desert so we didn't really expect a lush green lake. But were hoping for a little more then a stinky water hole. Still pretty in its own way. I like both these pictures with the mirror image of the boys.

 Luke took these pictures of Dew and I . This one is with Kolby photo bombing us He tried to jump on my back and Dew with his magic dad hands is grabbing him before we all fall.
 We are telling Luke "are you pointing the camera at us?"
Him "yes" us "it doesn't look like you are, can you see us?" Him "yes yes I can see you I know what I'm doing".
When I saw this photo I was pretty impressed I love that its not centered with so much of the landscape in the background. Not a bad little photographer.
 Fun first hike can't wait for the next one!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekend stuff

Last weekend Dewey went camping, enjoying some time away with friends doing man things. (not sure what it involved probably don't want to know :) So the boys and I decided we would have a night out on the town.  
We had a yummy dinner at Ninja our favorite restaurant in town. They cook the food in front of you "Benihana" style. DELISH!!! Luke is so funny he refuse to eat basics like potatoes and salad but give him shrimp and edamame and he devourers it.
 We spent a little time exploring the new man made lake in town. A nice addition, with a small beach and stocked for fishing. Then it was off to the movies to see "Oz the great and powerful". So blessed to have such amazing boys to show me a good time. Very fun night. 
For St. Patricks day I surprised the boys with Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast.

 Just like clockwork the leprechaun showed up again this year and hid clues all over the house for the boys to find his treasure. We topped it all off with a green dinner. Yes I could have gone traditional Irish fare but lets be honest and admit only one of the four of us was likely to eat it. So it was Browned butter mizithra with green spaghetti noodles (thank you pinterest) green jello, green salad, and sprite with lime green ice cubes. With not a drop of Irish blood in any of us I think we celebrated the day pretty well. 

By the by these pics are all from my phone since my laptop has decided its done. No lights no power no nothing...done. I guess I shouldn't complain my brother informs me laptops are really only good for two years anymore. And this is the one we bought to replace the one that fried while in Kazakhstan. So it gave a good 6 years of service. Being me, I of course was behind in backing it up so now I need to find a person with knowledge of such things to get my photos of the last six months off it. Oh and start looking for a new laptop.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Almost Spring

 In our neck of the woods almost spring means snow one day and tree climbing a few days later. When the boys woke up to snow last weekend they ran right out to enjoy it. Pay no attention to the shoes. They have boots I swear but who can remember things like that in the excitement of snow. I'm pretty pleased they have coats and gloves on. Pick your battles people :)
 They each attempted to make a snowman. Unfortunately the urge to smash and wreck things was a bit to strong.
 So they never got much farther then a round ball. Plus someone, I'm not naming names stole the snowman's carrot nose and ate it up.
 The snow soon melted and we have enjoyed near perfect weather the rest of the week. It has been so nice that Kolby was able to get out one of his Birthday presents to play with. The rocket launch was a huge hit.

 Of course it wasn't long before they had the rocket launched on the roof. Luke tried to explain to me how he would like me to put a large flower pot on the patio table then climb on top of both with him in my arms and THROW him on the roof. When I woke up that morning I did not think I would say the words "No I will not throw you up on the roof" out loud. But on a bright note I'm happy my son thinks I can lift and throw 42 pounds up and over my head. I mean I tell them I'm Wonder Women but I thought they mostly didn't believe me ;) In the end Dew rescued the rocket with the use of a ladder when he got home.
 And the best part (to the boys) about warm weather.......
 Tree climbing. Look how high those little monkeys got. When I saw how high Kolby was and how small the branches were that he was standing on I told him to get down. "OK mom but take a picture first I look good up here"
 Just another "normal" week with the Warner's

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Down & Dirty Weekend

 Boys and mud go together like.... popcorn and butter, like peanut butter and jelly, like me and tons of laundry :)
 Saturday was the first nice day we have had in a long time. The weather was so nice that all the snow melted and turned our yard into a mud bog. The fact that the yard was filled with undisturbed mud did not go unnoticed by the boys.
They sat right down fully clothed and preceded to laugh and have the type of fun that can only be had by playing in fresh spring mud.
 Zoe did not want to be left out of the "things needing to be cleaned by me fun" and snuck out of the yard. I won't go into to much detail other than to say that she found the horses and decided that the "presents" they leave on the ground are her new favorite things in life. And that the very best way to enjoy them would be to roll around until every inch of her was covered.....

 Happy muddy boy holding happy smelly dog.
Meanwhile in another part of the farm Dewey was harvesting. 
 It was a very successful harvest. I don't mean to brag but we generally do have a bountiful supply of......
Notice the piles taller then my 6 foot hubby
 In the years we have lived here they have been the the proverbial thorn in our side. We have tried many methods of disposal. (picture me jumping up and down on them in the horse trailer trying to fit more in to take to the dump) But I think the method that works the best is...

 Its quick, well for me not for Dew who fed them into the fire.
Hopefully our next harvest will hold off for a few months. 
So to recap we ended Saturday with muddy boys, stinky dirty dog and smoky hubby. And what about me you ask did I stay fresh and scrubby clean? Nope, I went out to the garden to fix the hole Zoey had found to get out of the yard. I slipped on the mud and just like in the cartoons flew up in the air arms and legs flailing around and then fell straight back down again.....on my bum in the mud. So I too stripped out of my mud covered clothes in the garage. Yep just another day at the farm for the Warners.

 Since we needed a little fun, on Sunday we loaded up the dogs and the bows and headed west to the hills...and the snow. To have a little family archery tournament. The boys picked the targets (various dead trees) and we walked around taking turns shooting. The boys are getting really good with their aim.
 Zoey entertained herself with a pine cone she found. She would thrown it up in the air and then pounce.
 It must have been pretty fun, it kept her busy while we practiced.
 I'm doing better even with my wonky half blind eyes.
 Not surprisingly Dewey scored the most points.
 Family fun with a picnic lunch in the snow enjoyed by all. Great way to end our down & dirty weekend.