Monday, August 29, 2011

Yankee Fishing

We have not managed to fish much this summer but we did go the weekend before last. We went to one of our favorite lakes Yankee Meadows. Its one of our favorites not because of the loads of fish we catch but because I think its BEAUTIFUL.

The boys are getting pretty good with the worms and the hooks (g...r...o...s....s)

I don't have a fishing license and since I would hate to break the law its up to Dewey to get the boys poles and his own ready, as I lounge on a blanket reading and taking pictures :)

LOVE this one

Its all about the memories

We brought the dogs with us this time, Skip didn't sit still the whole time and had a blast running along the trail and through the mud.

A slightly different story for my little princess bailey. Can you just tell from this picture how much fun she is having being out in nature in the dirt?

The boys are getting a tiny bit better about sitting with (or at least somewhat watching) their poles.

We can really only be near water for so long before we just have to jump in. And lets just say play king or Queen of the mountain or stump in the lake.

Once I did it of course it became the funnest thing ever

This next picture has Luke and the shark on his shirt with the exact same expression

Kolby stranded himself, so Luke to the rescue

I just love these pictures, They are so protective of each other.

They made it almost all the way back before kolby "fell" in the water. After that any hope of staying dry was lost.

Now I am not by any means a fishing expert but I have to think the above playing and this type of fun does not help the fishing cause....

Poor Dewey not a nibble or bite of his very nice carefully tended pole. However both Luke and Kolby caught a fish on their Transformers and Cars kids poles. (catch and release of course) You would think I would take pictures of that but I took a video of each instead. It just occurred to me the other day that I'm always so busy taking pictures we have almost no videos of the boys. Opps.......

We also had a first bee sting. Literally about two minutes after we had hiked around the lake carrying fishing stuff, chairs, and lunch to our spot. Luke got stung by a bee on his neck. Luckily Dewey just happened to bring the new snake/insect bit kit we got. It worked great to suck the venom (is that what bees leave?) out. We slapped a little mud on and talked the boys out of leaving and going home inside the house where there are no bees. (which was what they were begging) And enjoyed the rest of the day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Add soccer mom to my resume.

Because our days are just not jammed packed enough we are throwing soccer into the mix :)

Last weekend was the boys very first games. As fate would have it they were at the very same time in two different towns. Since we were not sure how Kolby would do (look back at the wrestling posts) we decided Dewey should go to his game to give him that extra "get out and play" that dads are so good at. Lukes game was in a small town to the north of us so grandpa came to help me cheer him on.

Luke and Kolby right before we left.

Unfortunately with everyone scrambling to get out the door one of us forgot their camera. (it wasn't ME) So we just have pics of Lukes game.
Luke did so well. I was really proud of him, he got right out there and ran after the ball and always made sure he was in the middle of things.

This was a pretty big deal since he is the smallest player on his team.

At his first practice he noticed right away. He ran back to me and said "mom I'm the smallest one here". I said "its ok it just means you will be fast and dart in and out around people, get out there". Now my mom heart wanted to cry and hold him tight. But I know that this is something he will always have to deal with, its part of who he is. My job as a parent is to raise a strong confident son who will not see size as an obstacle. We talk alot about how God made everyone perfect, just as they are supposed to be. We come in all different shapes and sizes and colors and everyone is perfect just as they are.
So its not important that hes not the tallest or fastest player its important that he is out there playing his little heart out.

When we all got back to the house I was happy to hear that Kolby did just great. At his age the games are a little more laid back and set up for the kids to just run and have fun. Next weekends games are not at the same time so we will all be able to go to both. I'll take lots of Kolby pics then :)
The proud players! (you might notice Kolby is in a different uniform then the first pic, I guess traded before he even had his first game, we like to think drafted :)

This pic cracks me up, Lukes team is the Blue Thunder and Kolbys is the Lions, this is him Roaring.

Let the fun begin!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Luke is a FIRST grader!!

Yesterday was Luke's first day of school. He is gasp....sob... in first grade. We went to his back to school night earlier in the week. His teacher is nice as can be. He was so excited the night before school, he had his clothes and backpack all ready.

Look at how big he is!!
Of course I had to take pictures on the first day of school, this is what happens when Kolby thinks there have been a few to many of just Luke.

And Luke laughing his head off at Kolby streaking through

They are so funny, I swear they spend half the time just making each other laugh. (of course the other half they are fighting)

Kolby had to have a picture of his "rolly polly" He found it while we were taking pics and ran in the house to grab a cup to keep him in. It was no easy task convincing him that his rolly polly would be happier living in the dirt then in a cup all day.

Luke and Dewey sporting a number one for first grade!!

Since we were taking pics we might as well grab one with me and my boys

And yes I did follow the bus and met Luke at the front door to walk him to his class.

And just a small taste of my craziness....... I picked up Kolby a little early so we could grab some doughnuts as a treat for Luke when he got home. Because of this we were a little early when we drove home. As we passed the street with Luke's school on it two bus's were heading our way. Since we were ahead of the bus's we hurried home parked the car and jumped out to wait. The bus stopped across the street and then left. Kolby and I looked around for Luke but nobody had gotten off the bus. I immediately panicked, where is my baby boy. We ran back in the house grabbed my phone and jumped in the car. I was thinking we had forgotten to tell Luke which bus to get on what if he is lost somewhere. (full on freaking out) I call Dew all crazy sounding and he says all calm (because he is used to my crazy) "Take a deep breath, Luke should not even be out of school yet it was probably the JR. High bus I'm sure he is fine". Never the less Kolby and I drive to Lukes school and park. No sooner had we got there we see Luke come skipping out the first grade doors (literally skipping). Now I breathe and calm my crazy. I see that the principal is waiting by the bus's with a clipboard and all the kids are in orderly lines. So Kolby and I drive back home and once again wait....

Luke makes it home safe and sound. A perk of living in the country is the bus picks him up and drops him off right at our driveway.

We jump and and down and celebrate his first day of school. Luke says he made new friends and saw some old friends from last years class. He loves his teacher already and thinks getting his own lunch in the lunch room is the coolest thing ever. Well not as cool as getting to play in the big playground twice. As soon as hes done talking Kolby says "we thought you were lost". I explain to Luke the mix up with the bus but that once I saw him and the principal we knew he was ok. Then I heard the words that I didn't think I would hear until he was a teenager. "m.......o....o....o.....m......m......m (said in a deadpan teenage voice I swear) you came to school, mom you can't do that everyday, I'm fine".

Sheesh can't a mom be a little crazy and worry about her kid :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aunt Becca and Uncle Dels pool

Last Saturday Aunt Becca and Uncle Del invited us to their St. George house. They were just getting back from their cross country drive with Grandma. The boys were excited to see and spend time with G.G. But being 4 and 6 year old boys the swimming pool was their highlight of the day. I can't really blame them is was WONDERFUL, hot temps cool water, LOVE IT.

Luke with a life jacket on is fearless

He went zipping down the slide, splashed into the water, popped up and then paddled around the pool all on his own.

Kolby liked having a life jacket with at least one other floatation device or.......

The shallow end :)

It was near impossible to get Luke to hold still long enough for a picture of both of them together, this is the best I could do.

I like to call this "The great rescue" Luke went first

Then Kolby

Notice the arms and legs out crab style? It was not a fast decent.

Which made it easier to stop himself altogether from going into the pool. As Kolby yells for help (I should say I was obviously not in the pool since I was taking pictures, I saw that Kolby was in no immediate danger and waited to see how he would work it out)

Luke yelled from across the pool "I'll Help you brother" He grabbed a floating lounge and paddled over to Kolby. Hum... I wonder how this is going to work.

Luke was giving him directions the whole time. "Just step on it Kolby" Kolby apparently didn't think this was the best idea

So Luke climbs up to try and lift Kolby down. (Keeping in mind they weight the exact same) I just loved to see their team work, how they tried to work out the problem on their own. A great opportunity to work on their problem solving skills.

Unfortunately nothing they tried worked and they both called for help. I sat the camera down to jump in but Uncle Dell was faster to the rescue.
Kolby was none the worse for wear after his dramatic experience te-he-heee

The boys had to be dragged out of the pool to leave.
Thanks Aunt Becca and Dell we had a great time!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Swing Garden Mode

This was our garden just a few months ago....

TA-DA (That's a Kolby original pose)
Great big huge jungle leaves??? Yep we have them.

So far we have an ABUNDANCE of lettuce and squash. Our guinea pigs are pretty spoiled with their gourmet menu.

Tomatoes nope not a one. You might remember last year we had so many I canned salsa and tomato sauce and still had plenty. This year NONE. Because I'm just a pinch on the crazy side I have been asking everybody I see if they have tomatoes in their garden. And apparently nobody else does either. I guess something freaky in the weather/wind/full moon this year the tomatoes didn't like. But the important thing is I'm not a tomato failure :)

I was doing so good at keeping up with the squash. I served it every night in some way for dinner. (pay no attention to Dewey claiming he refuses to eat anymore until next year) You name a recipe and I made it, well all the ones without meat. I was also cutting blanching and freezing a bag a night. And anybody that knocked on our door I didn't let leave without taking some. It was a good solid plan and worked for awhile. However mother nature works much faster then I do, I missed one maybe two days and I swear I lost the battle. The boys and I went out and picked 4 LARGE bags of various types of squash. In the midst of me having a stress attack about wasting so much food I remembered that we have a little Care and Share (food pantry) in town. I called and asked if they accept donations and me and the boys loaded the car. I have to say it was a really good feeling giving our veggies to those that need them. When we took them in they were the only fresh food I saw. It was also a great opportunity to teach the boys about charity and how blessed we are to have enough to be able to share.

Just this week our peas have ripened...yum-E If you came to our house you just might see Kolby and I sitting in the garden eating them right off the plant.

I really do love gardening and think its a fun project for the whole family. Getting all the fresh veggies is just a great big plus. Keep your fingers crossed for our pumpkins, they are Kolbys favorites he checks them everyday. I just don't think they are going to make it before we have our first frost. I swear shortest growing season ever.

Luke and Kolby pretending they are in a jungle

Have a great weekend everyone!!