Monday, April 28, 2008


I never thought this day would get here. We have finally got our son Kolby!!!!! It was a very emotional transition from foster mom to us last night, and Kolby cried for Nana most of the night. Today is a brand new day though and he´s been awesome. We tore up the embassy for three hours this morning I don´t think their carpet we´ll ever be the same. We managed to squish, papaya, watermelon,pineapple, cheerios and three types of cookies into the carpet. He´s napping now, which of course is the only reason Stacey would ever let me type into the blog. Otherwise it´s strictly hands off for hubby, with an occasional editing inquiry only allowed. We sure miss the family back home and can´t wait for everyone to meet our new son. Tomorrow is paperwork pick up day, and maybe a zoo trip, Wednesday will be a day at Antiqua and home on Thursday. We´re a little nervous about the flight home, our pilot thought he was landing a hot air ballon getting here and we´re still chewing on our spinal column, small price to pay though.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Who's excited to have a a new brother??

Well we are all packed, everything fit. Whatever is not packed or forgotten we must not need.

I'm sure neither Dewey or I will sleep tonight. I can't believe we started this adoption 17 months ago, and we are finally going to bring our son home. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to be the mother to two amazing boys. Its overwhelming to me that for so long I didn't believe I would be a mother and now I have two beautiful boys. I get so emotional just thinking about it. I am incredibly thankful for my amazing husband and the life we live.

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends and family. You have all provided us with so much love and support. International adoptions (especially both of ours) are roller coasters of intense emotions we could not have made it through them without you.

We love you and are blessed to have you in our lives!!!

FFF=Sping has Sprung

Well as usual I'm a little late to the party. There is a FFF= Favorite foto Friday theme put out each Fri by (very cute blog) So I'm jumping in. This weeks theme is "Spring has Sprung". I posted a few pics earlier this week of the blossoms on our tree. These pics were taken the same day. Really that's all we have to show for spring so far, sort of green grass and blossoms. It is still dropping below 32 degrees at night.

I love these pics of Luke, he was laughing so hard playing with Skip. He would throw the frisbee (a few feet) Skip would grab it and then run around the yard, while Luke laughed. He recently learned "pop a wheelie" that's what he is trying to do on his bike. He is all boy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy Cleaning

Some of you may be wondering what I am doing to try and keep what little is left of my sanity intact before we go. Well the secret is out, I am cleaning like a crazy woman. (and my darling hubby would argue that what ever it is I'm doing I'm not doing it enough to keep from bouncing off the walls of the house)
We are talking the crazy deep cleaning stuff you only ever do every blue moon or so. Example.... Last night I took every thing out of the fridge and completely dismantled the inside and scrubbed every inch. Get the idea FUN STUFF!!!
Our pile of things to pack is steadily growing higher. I think tonight I'll work on distributing everything between the 5 suitcases...... yep more fun. I'm sure I will also be doing a lot more bouncing around the house.

Spring is in the air........

Look buds on our fruit tree.
We have a little orchard in our yard full of fruit trees. I would tell you what kind of fruit they are except I don't have any idea. We have lived here 3 years (they were here before us) and they have yet to produce any fruit. I'm sure at some point I should take the time to look them up and see what I should be doing for them. I'll add that to my list.

Our grass is green, yippee!! Dewey did some sort of 4 step process last weekend that took a few hours. And then presto magic our grass is green and cut.

How many animals do you see in the above picture?

I don't think I have posted any pics of our pups. Skip is the Border Collie and Bailey is the Lhasa Apso. They are two of the members of our family. And I take no responsiblility for Bailey being just a teeny-tiny-bit spoiled rotten. :) They are also going to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's in JUST A FEW DAYS!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


See these five suitcases?? In the past 15 months they have literally traveled around the world. They have lived in Kazakhstan for two months. They have been to Guatemala once and are preparing to go again. I have to say we are getting very good at packing and weighing for the 50 pound limit. Dewey can now just pick up a suitcase and tell me if its over weight. (I generally make him weigh it on the scale because I don't believe it, and he is always right)

This is our donation pile so far.... the tally is

17 pairs of Pants

14 pairs of Shorts

56 Shirts !!

We are taking as much as we can to Mayan Families. (this is their website check them out they are an amazing organization) When we went down on our visit trip we took a couple hundred Happy Factory cars to them. This time we are taking new and gently used kids clothes. Big thanks to Kim and Drew and Brad and Irene for their contributions! I spent Sat washing everything and rolling it into tight rolls for packing. Once I have everything packed I'm hoping to squeeze in some baby clothes to donate too. It costs a small fortune to try and mail things to Guatemala. As of this minute you can take 2 50 pound suitcases per person. All our bags usually come in at 48-49 pounds each. (I think the airlines are changing this rule and will begin charging $25 for your extra bag. But even at that its loads cheaper then mailing anything.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kolby's Embassy Outfit

I think too cute!! And notice its Kennith Cole Reaction, that's right nothing is to good for our little guy................


So maybe I did buy it at Costco and it cost less then $18 and it got tossed in the cart next to the milk, bread, cheese, and various other items I simply must have in bulk quantities. What can I say, Costco fine shopping at its best. But too cute none the less and perfect for the Embassy :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

FFF=Favorite Friday Foto

Oh...... look at our little guy. We just received his second DNA test info in the mail today. I was SO SO excited to see Kolby's picture. We have not seen him since our visit in December. And we have not received any pictures of him since November. He is so big now, I can't believe it. You can tell he is not thrilled about being at the doctors office, (but who is) poor little guy.

I am beyond overjoyed that I will have this cutie pie in my arms in nine days.

Check the news today.....Hell might have frozen over

My little sister is now a MRS. Yep she is a married lady, its official. She and Gary were married at 10:00 this morning in San Fransisco CA. ( I made her call me and let me listen on her cell phone, it was a lovely ceremony) Now for those of you that know Liz, this is completely shocking and also makes perfect sense. If she had had to do a long engagement it never would have happened. They decided to tie the knot all of two days ago because they were going to be in San Fransisco and they both love it there. (who doesn't) We are THRILLED for her!! We think her new husband is just perfect for her. (and he very clearly adores her which is a plus) Gary is a Marine and has two beautiful teen aged daughters. The four of them all get along so well, they are a very cute little family.


Liz & Gary,

we love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world.

These pictures are from the last time Liz, Gary and the girls came down to see us.
(Luke had to sneak in the top picture)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our plans as we know them......

We are leaving from Las Vegas on Sat (the 26Th) we will arrive in Guatemala on Sun (the 27Th)
We are staying at the Grand Tikal again. (That's where we stayed on our visit trip and loved it)
Kolby will be brought to us sometime Sunday afternoon. (YIPPEEE) Our Embassy appointment is early early Monday morning. It can take anywhere from 1-5 hours so we aren't planning anything for the rest of the day. We pick up Kolby's visa on Tues. We are hoping to do some sight seeing that day. If all goes well we will go to Antigua on Wed. We have heard it is an amazing town and a beautiful example of Guatemalan culture. Then Thurs we are homeward bound!!!
It will just be Dewey and I traveling. Luke is staying home with Grandpa and Grandma. He is so excited! He runs around the house saying "mom and dad flying on plane (at this point he is holding his arms out and waving them around and making plane sounds) bring kolby home", "I stay at Grandma and Grandpa's" .

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We received our "PINK" embassy appointment today. First we are SHOCKED as I thought the earliest we would get it would be Fri. But we have it and our appointment is April 28Th!!! (Ellie called it) We will look at flights tonight and get them booked ASAP. We could be leaving in TEN days.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Delivered and signed for!!!!

That's right folks Kolby's DNA is now in the hands of the US Embassy in Guatemala City. (and I only checked the FedEx site 89 times today to find that out) Now we wait for our Embassy appointment.....
come on, come on,
how about now..... or
what about now,
Bring on our PINK!!!!

Thank you everyone for your good wishes, it means so much to us to have your love and support!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

DNA on its way to the Embassy!!!!

We just got the email this morning that Kolby's DNA is on its way back to Guatemala to the US embassy. (me doing a happy dance while I'm typing this) It should arrive late tomorrow or early Wed morning. (you all know I'll be obsessively checking the Fedex website tracking our little shipment) As soon as we know its arrived I'll post. Once its at the embassy we wait for our "Pink" slip (embassy appointment) Best case we have it by Fri (HOLY COW!!!) But more then likely sometime early next week. (YIPPEEE) We are s.....o...... c......l......o.....s......e

Mama loves some eighties rock bands!!!

And my very favorite in Bon Jovi!!! Luckily for me Dewey's oldest and best friend (they literally played together as babies) Troy's wife is an even bigger fan then I am. They hooked us up with tickets in Las Vegas for Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway" concert. They just bought a beautiful new motor home we all stayed in.
Check me out.... Hair, makeup, earrings and sparkly shirt. This whole look VERY rarely happens
I even have on fancy blue heals......... Not mine, thanks kim :)
Now I know you can't see much in these pictures, but take my word for it,

We had so MUCH fun!!!! Thank you, thank you Troy and Wendy!!!!

There was a big group of us that went, but wouldn't ya know it no body took a group shot. I guess we were all to busy Rocking out baby!!!
And the best part about us getting a fun night in Las Vegas was Luke having his own party at Grandma and Grandpa's. Believe me we have a harder time leaving him them he does us. He's barely in the door and he's saying "ok bye dad, bye mom, Grandpa toys. It's SO nice being able to relax and enjoy ourselves knowing he is safe and sound and having a blast.

Friday, April 11, 2008

FFF=Favorite Friday Foto

This has to be one of Luke's very favorite things to do. He would not even look up while I was taking pictures he was concentrating on steering and the gas. Its serious stuff driving a tractor :)
And for those wondering, the ruts I made in our yard a few months ago when I got stuck in the mud....... did not magically disappear. Dewey had to till up the road ALL the way around the house. Oops.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Whoopeeeee!!!!! Kolby's DNA was really done!!! Yep we received an email from Labcorp, Kolby's DNA arrived this morning!!!! This is huge news as its the first step forward we have had in a long time. We really are on the final countdown now :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DNA done today!!!!!!

We heard from CCI that Kolby's DNA was done today!!!
So hopefully that means we will travel in the next 3-4 weeks!!!
We hope hope hope that it really was taken. We will know for sure when we hear from Labcorp that they have recieved it.
Today is Ten weeks since we have been out of PGN.

Don't hold your breath in anticipation...

This is as boring as it gets, I call it ways for Stacey to try and keep her sanity........ Door painting

Our back garage door before, (in my defence I hardly ever drive where I can see this door, so it was easily forgotten)

And after..... Much better huh??

And front door before (yea there is really no excuse for this one)

And after.... wow white!!

I honestly think white paint is the greatest thing ever. If you put enough coats on it will hide anything. Cracks, holes, dirt (that I tried to scrub off) whatever. So maybe a gallon of paint should have lasted farther then two doors but please see above comment.

So there you have it, I told you boring, but stay tuned for more such posts as I try to save whats left of my sanity.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Time

I'm so excited.... My Aunt and Uncle who live three and a half hours north of us bought a vacation home 45 minutes south of us. So we will get to see a lot more of my family. We went down on Sat to check out their the place. My brother and cousin came down with them So we got to visit with everyone. Their home is beautiful with a pool and sport court in the back yard. It will be so much fun for the boys. Luke loved playing basketball with Dewey. We played board games and I should not fail to to mention girls team won, yea us!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

FFF = Favorite Friday Foto

My boys riding their bikes. We have a little brick border between our grass and future shrubs. (shrubs are on the list along with the hundred other things we should do to our yard, pay no attention to the dirt on the other side of the fence) It was put there in our hopes of being a little decorative in our landscaping. We had no idea that its real purpose would be a bike path for Luke.

Another week has gone by........

Kolby's DNA has not been done. We don't know when it will be done. We heard back from Labcorp that Thrush would not make a difference on the DNA test. Maybe something will happen next week?????

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beautiful Couple

Look at my cute cousin Rachel and her brand new hubby Abraham. They were married last weekend in Veracruz Mexico. I'm so happy to hear that it was the perfect fairy tale wedding. Rachel is an amazing woman who has spent the last few years living all over the world teaching children English. She has lived in Mexico about a year, it was there she met the man of her dreams. They have a home there and plan to continue living in Mexico city. I was very upset to miss her wedding. I had planned to go but had thought we would be picking up Kolby so I canceled my plans to attend. I will just have to go down and visit once we get Kolby home and settled in. I just love the wedding photos on the beach. Does it get better then that?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We received a call from CCI today. They said that the reason Kolby has not had his DNA taken is because he has Monilia. Angela (CCI) said that she looked it up before she called and Monilia seems to be the same thing as thrush or a yeast infection. Our attorney said that Kolby has this in his mouth so they have been unable to get a good sample for the DNA test. Maybe some of you out there that are around children or have experienced this can share any info you have about Monilia. From what I can find on the net it could be caused by a number of reasons not the least of which is hygiene. (thank you Ellie, who is an expert at finding answers to my questions faster then anyone I know) CCI said they are trying to find out what is being done to help Kolby and how long they expect it to last. Hopefully we get that information tomorrow. We are VERY concerned about Kolby and how he is being cared for. We have A LOT of questions..........
Please hold him in your prayers

Kolby Update??? Nope sorry.......

Nine weeks out of PGN and as far as we know our Second DNA has not been taken yet. We were told it was scheduled to be done last Tues the 25th. Labcorp has yet to receive the DNA test so we are pretty confident that it has not been done. Let me again say that the average time from PGN out to having your child home is 6-8 weeks. There are some delays with certain cities in obtaining birth certificates that can make the wait much longer. But that is not the case with ours, our birth certificate should have been done in 1-3 days. There is simply no excuse for us to be nine weeks out and still at this point in the process. We are confused and frustrated that nobody is watching our case or making sure that these things get done. We hope that his DNA is taken this week. Best case scenario is that once its taken we travel in 3-4 weeks. Kolby is now 14 months old. The last medical report we received was last Nov. (you are supposed to receive them every month, we have received two total) The last pictures we received were from last December. Once his DNA is taken everything is in the hands of the US embassy. We are hoping that happens very soon.....